10 Unknown Sights in Germany

Unknown sights in Germany are hard to find because many travel destinations and vacation spots are already overrun with tourists. But there are also plenty of unknown sights in Germany still waiting to be discovered by you.

Germany is a popular travel destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Most tourists are drawn to Bavaria or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which are home to some of Germany’s most beautiful places. In addition to the well-known attractions, there are also some insider tips and unknown places in Germany that are perfect for a day trip or a short break.

We went in search of the most beautiful unknown places, travel destinations, attractions and vacation spots. Here are ten unknown sights in Germany that you should not miss.


Germany's Unknown Attractions

The Neandertal is a part of the valley about 10 kilometers east of Düsseldorf. The valley became known all over the world through the discovery of several fossil remains of prehistoric humans. While the Neanderthal remains found here are world famous, the Neanderthal is one of the more unknown sights in Germany.

As a destination for nature lovers and hikers, the Neander Valley is perfect for a day trip. With various hiking trails through the valley, Neanderthal sites and the Neanderthal Museum, the area offers many recreational opportunities. Particularly worth seeing is the Ice Age Game Reserve, where primeval bison, tarpan and aurochs graze on forested slopes. The animals are best observed from a nearby viewing platform.

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Monschau is a small town on the Roer in the North Rhine-Westphalia Eifel. The old town is one of the most beautiful in Germany with idyllic half-timbered houses and narrow cobbled streets. The historic city also offers numerous cafes, souvenir shops, museums, castles and more than 330 listed buildings.

With more than 350 kilometers of walking, cycling and adventure trails, there is much to discover in and around Monschau. The city is therefore the perfect base for exploring the nearby Eifel National Park and the High Fens. This beautiful area in the Eifel is perfect for discovering unknown sights in Germany or for a nice short break.

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Titan RT

Unknown Places in Germany

Titan RT is a pedestrian suspension bridge in the Harz Mountains that opened in 2017 and is the longest pedestrian bridge in Germany at 483 meters in length. The bridge is parallel to the dam of the Rappbodetalsperre, at a height of about 100 meters. Unlike the well-known Geierlay suspension bridge, Titan RT is one of the new and unknown sights in Germany.

A particularly adventurous experience is jumping off the bridge with the so-called gigaswing. It is a pendulum jump, where you jump under the bridge and swing on a 75 meter long rope. The jump can be done alone or in pairs, and at 75 meters in height, it is higher than most bungee jumps.

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dahn rock country

The Dahner Felsenland is an impressive landscape in the southwest of the Palatinate. It is located in the northwest of the Wasgau, a Franco-German low mountain range that extends to the Vosges. The area is accessible via marked hiking trails and is one of the most beautiful, unknown holiday destinations in Germany.

Highlights in the Dahner Felsenland region include a total of 16 castles or castle ruins, as well as numerous red sandstone rock formations. Some rock formations belong to the South Palatinate climbing area and are especially popular with sport climbers. With its green valleys, clear streams and swimming lakes, the Dahner Felsenland also has a lot to offer outside the rocks.

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Unknown Landmarks in Germany

Nördlingen is a historic town in Swabia and offers countless unknown sights in Germany. The city is located in the middle of the impact crater of a meteorite that hit the Alb 15 million years ago. The crater is up to 25 kilometers in diameter and the rim is visible as a succession of hills around the city.

Nördlingen was a thriving trading center as early as the Middle Ages, and the Old Town is home to some well-preserved medieval and Renaissance houses. With countless monuments, museums, inns and the surrounding Ries Geopark, Nördlingen is perfect for a short break or as a starting point to explore the area. A special highlight is the very well-preserved city wall with five gates and several towers, which surrounds the entire city.

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German Volcano Road

The German Volcano Road is a great opportunity to explore unknown sights in Germany by car. The approximately 280 km long tourist route from the Rhine to the High Eifel connects a total of 39 sites and places of interest related to volcanism.

Between the Geoparks Laacher See and Vulkaneifel, the Vulkanstrae leads through unique volcanic landscapes with caves, mountains and lakes that are unparalleled in Germany. If you want to discover unique and unknown sights in Germany, you should not miss the German Volcano Road.

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Popular with connoisseurs, the Neckarsteig is a 128-kilometer long-distance hiking trail through the Odenwald from Heidelberg to Bad Wimpfen. The hiking and cycling path runs over an altitude of 3127 meters and 9 stages and offers many beautiful views and unknown sights in Germany along the way.

Along the Neckarsteig are a total of 19 castles and palaces, 7 medieval towns and with the Margarethenschlucht near Neckargerach also a natural monument. The long-distance hiking trail in the Odenwald can be planned in both directions and as a one-day or multi-day hike.

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Tüchersfeld and Teufelshöhle

Unknown Places Germany

Tüchersfeld is a church village in Franconian Switzerland and is known for its half-timbered houses built into the rock. The small village belongs to Pottenstein and is located on a prominent rock above the town. With its quiet half-timbered houses, Tüchersfeld is a symbol of Franconian Switzerland and one of the most beautiful excursion destinations in the area.

Another highlight in the town of Pottenstein is the Teufelshöhle, one of the most beautiful show caves in Germany and the largest stalactite cave in Franconian Switzerland. Tüchersfeld also houses the Franconian Switzerland Museum, which offers a comprehensive overview of the area with a large exhibition.

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And then geyser

Geyser Andernach

At 60 meters high, the Andernach Geyser is the tallest cold water geyser in the world. Yet it is not so well known outside Rhineland-Palatinate and rather one of the unknown sights in Germany. The geyser is located in a nature reserve on a small peninsula in the Rhine, not far from the town of Andernach.

The eruption of the geyser can be observed daily and is a unique highlight of the region. Excursions start from the visitor center and lead through the idyllic Rhine Valley to the Namedyer Werth nature reserve, the eruption point of the Andernach geyser. After the eruption and a relaxing boat ride, the geyser ship will take you back to the visitor center.

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Duisburg Landscape Park

Unknown Landmarks in Germany

The Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park is a huge landscape park around a disused factory site in Duisburg. The city park combines nature with industrial culture and offers a unique landscape in Germany. The park has a lot to offer with special attractions such as an artificial diving center, alpine climbing gardens, a high ropes course and a lookout tower.

The Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord is open 24 hours a day with free admission and turns into a light show in the evening. An important location on the European Route of Industrial Culture, the landscape park is a unique attraction in Germany and the British daily newspaper The Guardian even ranks the landscape park among the ten best urban parks in the world.

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