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Gingerbread houses are an irresistible Christmas tradition. Extravagant creations have long deviated from the original inspiration – the witch’s cottage in the 200-year-old story Hansel and Gretel. Creations become increasingly ambitious and extravagant as culinary artists compete for glory around the world.

So far no one has beaten Traditions Club in Texas, who in 2013 created a house that is 18 meters long, 12 meters wide and more than 18 meters high! It is not known how many people devoured the 35.8 million calories, or how much weight the population of Texas gained.

But it’s not just about one gigantic creation. In 2017, the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel sous chef set his 4th world record for the largest gingerbread village. It was such an amazing creation that it was put on display at the New York Hall of Science.

But this art form never stands still. We’ve selected some of the most incredible Christmas 2021 gingerbread artwork – maybe they’ll inspire you to create your own masterpiece. As you will see, there is no limit to what you can create!

1. Book now for the Gingerbread Hotel!

Gingerbread Hotel
Photo credit: christel.gustavsson

Check out the intricate interior details in this lovely hotel! Congratulations to the culinary artist at London’s Britannia Hotel for this spectacular edible replica from his workplace.

2. Sweet tribute to an iconic monument

Beijing Grand Hotel
Photo credit: beijinghotel_nuo

This French-style scale model of the Beijing Hotel and Nuo pays tribute to the 105-year-old building. Somehow we don’t expect this masterpiece last a very long time!

3. Get rid of those baubles!

The Grand Floridan Gingerbread House
Photo credit: everyonesnet

Trust the creators of the Magic Kingdom to create this amazing screen! How long will visitors resist those yummy gingerbread popcorn decorations!

4. Pretty in pink

the pink lady
Photo credit: bernardbakes

could this be traditional gingerbread house be even more beautiful? Too cute for an evil witch, it’s definitely more suitable for a fairy godmother! Made to raise money for the Child Protection Center, it works well and looks good too.

5. A desired location

The City of Gingerbread
Photo credit: kolejkowo.pl

Not ultra-cute christmas village would be complete without a town hall, houses, a train, Christmas trees and of course plenty of edible inhabitants!

6. Fit for a snow queen!

gingerbread house
Photo credit: buckscountymom

Shiny and decorated with snow-white glaze. This glamorous yet bijou gingerbread house sparkles in the cold creating a magical scene.

7. Um, where did the house go?

gingerbread characters
Photo credit: wlos_13

Winner of the 2021 National Gingerbread House Contest. Looks like little people already ate the house!

8. Pink and Perfect

Gingerbread House
Photo credit: merygreen_kiev

Warning! The cuteness factor is off the scale with this one gingerbread house– complete with cute woodland creatures.

9. Honey, it’s cold outside!

Scandi snow landscape
Photo credit: cheflovesgarden

enchanting Scandinavian snow landscape. These houses are even lit from the inside, creating a wonderfully cozy feeling on a frigid winter night. I hope no one eats up the walls and lets the snow drift in!

10. There are dragons!

Hogwarts Castle
Photo credit: heidikotliar

When an artist wants to create something magical, nothing says ‘magic’ more than Hogwarts Castle! And those terrifying edible dragons are a captivating touch!

11. All aboard the Santaland Express

gingerbread station
Photo credit: myth.and.lore

Another spectacular one hotel installation. Here the creator pulls out all the stops with this Gingerbread station and snowmen as passengers.

12. Look, don’t bite!

Metal houses from Wal-Mart
Photo credit: laurie3.lh

No time to bake? this festive metal houses (from Walmart), painted in full gingerbread style, make a fantastic centerpiece.

13. Edible Urban Chic

Modernist 'crazy house'
Photo credit: domiki.ua

This modernist ‘madhouse’, is an architectural masterpiece, with beautiful icy details. The perfect antidote to all those picture book houses.

14. California Themin’

Happy matcha greenhouse
Photo credit: loriatern

AN gingerbread house with cOokie clouds, a happy sun, edible flowers, cookie grime and even blue sprinkles. An enchanting Californian take on the traditional theme, to remind us that spring is coming!

15. A Russian Winter

Russian Winter House
Photo credit: sawinkov

AN huge number of windows, behind which lights twinkle – just like Moscow on New Year’s Eve! Spectacular details – look at those garlands of small Christmas balls that connect the 3 houses.

16. Traditional Elegance

Classic and cute cottage
Photo credit: merygreen_kiev

Classic and cute cottage with Christmassy red and green details. And look at the gold hinges and door handle!

17. An Architectural Wonder

Gingerbread Cathedral
Photo credit: paratiisikoti

Christmas doesn’t come without a gingerbread house’ says the creator. But this year she took it a step further – with this ambitious gingerbread cathedral!

18. A colorful combination

Tony's Bistro Collaboration
Photo credit: tonys_bistro

Take 3 ideas, mix them together, and – voila! The Tony’s Bistro team is bursting with pride here wonderful collaboration.

19. Too good to eat!

Festive art class
Photo credit: wildink_artclass

Festive art class alert!!! The Wild Ink Workshop makes the most beautiful piece of paper’gingerbread houses ‘frozen’ with paint and ink!

20. Do you dream of a pink Christmas?

Little gingerbread house
Photo credit: lotta deposits

Little gingerbread house with pointed roof – and a chimney that Santa can easily fit in to leave all those gifts behind.

21. Spooky and a little sinister!

Atmospheric homes
Photo credit: thehippiebohemian

Tired of reindeer, snowmen and cute houses? This atmospheric homes, with their gloomy background, are the perfect antidote!

22. And the 2021 Gingerbread Prize goes to…

Gingerbread Facade
Photo credit: annabelsmayfair

This great gingerbread facade sprinkled with millions of Swarovski crystals and whimsical details. Visitors of all ages will be enchanted by this amazing installation in the heart of London. Our only grumble – it’s not edible!

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