Ascension Day 2022 – when and where to?

When is Ascension Day 2022?
Where to go on the short break on the Ascension Day weekend?
– Ascension shopping in the Netherlands
– City trip on Ascension Day
– North Sea short holiday on Ascension Day

When is Ascension Day 2022?

Ascension Day 2022 falls on May 26 and is a public holiday throughout Germany.

Since the public holiday always falls on a Thursday, it is advisable to take Friday off and plan a short trip over the long weekend. Questions like: where to go to Ascension 2022? Or: what can you do on Ascension Day? we have a couple Ideas for Ascension Dayhow and where do you get your Short break can spend!

Where to go on the short break on the Ascension Day weekend?

Ascension shopping in the Netherlands

Ascension Day: Girls weekend with shopping

Girls weekend with shopping

In Germany, Thursday is not only Ascension Day, but traditionally also Father’s Day or Men’s Day. Many men meet to celebrate and take to the streets with full cars. You use the weekend to relax.

So why not take the opportunity and go shopping with the girls again? Bee Ascension shops find those that are not closed really difficult? In Germany yes, but in our neighboring country the Netherlands you can shop extensively despite the holiday. Ascension Day is also a public holiday here, but many shops are still open.

So escape the man madness and treat yourself to a girls weekend Ascension shopping in the Netherlands. For a great short trip to the Netherlands, here are our three favorite shops near the border:

Venlos is located directly on the German border and is therefore perfect for a short shopping holiday. In the city center you will find the big chains but also many small boutiques. The small shops on Gasthuisstraat, Jodenstraat and Klaasstraat are especially popular. If the weather is bad, you can just visit the two malls Conference Center and Maasboulevard.

Also our next tip, Roermond, is just across the border. There are many small shops in the city center, especially around Roerkade. The shopping highlight of the city, however, is its huge designer outlet. With 186 stores, it is the largest outlet center in the Benelux. Doesn’t that sound like a suitable travel destination for you? Ascension shopping An?

Our last suggestion for the short shopping trip is Maastricht. A true shopping paradise for the fashionistas among you. In the center you will find everything you could wish for. From exclusive brands and boutiques to modern shops to the major fashion chains, everything is there. And not only fashion, but also art and interior design is wonderful shopping in Maastricht.

The question where are you? Ascension shops finds that are open despite a public holiday, we can hopefully answer you!

City trip on Ascension Day

Ascension Day: Port of Copenhagen

port of Copenhagen

The end of May is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy a drive away for a long weekend. Ascension Day almost always falls on a Thursday, so you can easily extend the weekend to four days with just one day of vacation. So why about? Ascension Day 2022 not to a city that has been on your bucket list for a long time?

How about the Danish capital Copenhagen, for example. The city offers you many options for a varied short trip Ascension Day 2022. Moreover, the journey from Germany does not take too long.

It is best to take a bike and explore the beautiful city. Cycle along the promenade of Nyhaven harbor to the famous statue of the Little Mermaid sitting on her rock in the sea. Take a romantic boat trip or visit the Tivoli Garden, one of the most famous amusement parks for young and old.

The city also has a lot to offer in the cultural field. To learn more about the history of Denmark, we recommend visiting the National Museum. Are you more interested in art? No problem, discover the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, an impressive collection of sculptures and works of art.

Can’t decide between your Danish neighbors and Sweden? With the Copenhagen-Malmö combination you kill two birds with one stone. The two cities are not far from each other and are therefore great destinations for a short trip Ascension Day 2020to discover two countries in a short time.

North Sea short holiday on Ascension Day

Ascension Day: Seal Bank in the North Sea

Seal bank in the North Sea

The desire to travel increases as we get closer to summer and Germany is slowly but surely getting warmer. Ascension Day Why don’t you go to the sea and? Ascension Day on the North Sea spend? It is not that far away and you can experience and discover a lot. Almost perfect for a short trip!

What should not be missing on your short North Sea trip is a mudflat walk. Two special tours that we would like to recommend are the Island Minsener Eye and the front Lighthouse in Arngast.

Ascension Day: Wadden Sea on the North Sea

Wadden Sea on the North Sea

Minsener Oog is a bird protection island off the coast of Friesland. You start at Wangerland beach and walk straight to the island. There you will usually meet the bird keeper who will tell you about his work on the island. Then it returns to the mainland at low tide.

Anyone who likes a challenge is in the right place during the walk at the Arngast lighthouse. This mudflat walk is a bit more strenuous, because you can occasionally sink into the mudflats up to your knees. But the tour is definitely worth every drop of sweat! You start in Dangast and hike to the Arngast Lighthouse in the middle of the Jade Bay. There you will find your reward for the effort: the silence and vastness of the North Sea. The return journey begins at low tide. Tip for the more comfortable among you: On certain days you can also choose to take the boat back.

A special event Ascension Day 2022 is this International Kite Festival in Norddeich. Here you can admire the most varied, colorful and largest kites as they fly over the North Sea. Some kites process up to 100 meters of dust! The highlight of the kite festival is the night flight show. This takes place on Saturday around 10:30 PM. Illuminated kites and other effects then enchant the skies above Norddeicher Beach.

We have the right one for you Idea for Ascension Day found it? Then we have here best Ascension Day 2022 Offers for you.

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