CODE41 NB24 Edition 2 Chronograph Watch Review

It is a truth universally recognized in watchmaking that the more intricate the timepiece, the more advanced the materials and the more complex the dial design, the higher the price tag. And that’s okay, innovation requires spending. Then you see something that turns all that thinking upside down. Code 41, the Swiss-based crowdfunded member-designed production, is a brand known for crossing borders but featuring: the NB24, it created a timepiece to challenge convention. The Creator Edition sold out, but is now back for a second edition.

Originally launched in January 2020, the NB24 was watch with a difference – quite a few differences, in fact. The first was the movement adjustments. Working with Concepto, Swiss watchmakers who create exclusive calibers, it was able to skeletonize and redesign a legendary chronograph timepiece, the Valjoux 7750, so that it got a peripheral rotor side to the dial; something only brands operating in very high price ranges can achieve.

Then there was the added Swissness. According to Swiss law, to have the words “Swiss made” on the dial, 50% of the timepiece’s components by value rather than quantity, and 60% of the production must be generated in Switzerland. NB24 increased that to 85%, with only the mainspring and jewels not coming from Switzerland.

It also went one better than carbon fiber for the housing and decided to use AeroCarbon, a form of high-density carbon fiber used in the aerospace industry that is 2.5 times more resistant to bending than steel and two times lighter than titanium.

All these details, along with the watch’s astonishing futuristic design, struck a chord with watch connoisseurs. 1380 people seized the opportunity to own this affordable yet complex watch.

And it’s back for round two. On November 24, Code 41 announced that: Edition 2 of the NB24 is available for pre-order for just three weeks. Starting at £4,155 for an exceptional piece of timepieces, powered by one of the most renowned timepieces available, it’s too good an opportunity to miss out.

The sturdy 42mm case is available in AeroCarbon or Grade 5 titanium, which, thanks to the lightness of both materials, means it won’t weigh down your wrist. The strap options are either the sportier bracelet or rubber, or the more retro-infused leather. Color accents are due to some elements of the skeletonized dial chosen in red, blue or beautiful acid green, along with the chronograph counters placed at 3 and 9 o’clock. The overall effect is of a watch that has managed to blend watchmaking history with its future to create a design whose dial appeal is sure not to diminish with time.

There are only two weeks until pre-order the NB24. We recommend making it a little pre-Christmas treat for yourself. And fast.

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