Holiday in November – where to go?

The hot and sunny summer days are over and the cold and wet season is approaching. In order not to fall prey to the autumn depression, many people take a long vacation in November. But if you now ask yourself the question: Where do you get the most beautiful from Vacation in November without flying spend? And “Insider tip holiday November”Googlet– Then you’ve come to the right place! We help you choose your travel destination for the Holiday in November.

We turn our gaze to travel destinations in Europe to raise money for the coming Christmas to save and not to have to make an annoying long journey. From an active holiday in Germany to a city trip in Europe to a relaxing wellness holiday in Austria, we have something for everyone november holidayto escape the approaching gray.

November holidays in France

Enjoy your November holidays in Beaujolais | Explore an exciting city | Relax during a wellness holiday in November

Holiday in November 2021 in Germany

Enjoy an active November holiday | Discover a new city | Relax during a wellness holiday

City trips in the golden autumn

Enjoy the sun on Lake Constance | Explore beautiful Salzburg | Discover the old town of Dresden | Take a look at the European capital Brussels

Anyone who describes themselves as a summer person and misses the sun, especially in the winter months, doesn’t necessarily have to spend a few hours on a plane to get to sunny areas. Because our 11th calendar month isn’t as gloomy and cold as most people would call November — at least not everywhere. Indeed where to go in november can worship the sun?

Friends in front of the Eiffel Tower in the storm

If you don’t want to spend more than 2 hours on the plane, you should: Holiday in November 2021 spend in France. Here you can go from city trip to one wellness weekend Experience much to pleasure trips in the crisp November temperatures.

Enjoy your November holidays in Beaujolais

Mann in Beaujolais

Beaujolais Vacation

North of the city Lyon is the famous Beaujolais wine region. From the third Thursday in November, the wine festival of the year is celebrated here. The Primeur wine is only aged for six weeks and is then rolled in barrels through the villages at the lively street festival. At present, locals and tourists alike celebrate at gastronomic markets, gastronomic festivals and in the cellars of the winemakers. A very special idea for you Holiday in November!

Explore an exciting city

Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower

Paris in November

Who ever in Paris knew that this city is the ideal destination for a city trip at any time of the year. Who during his Holiday in the fall Strolling through the romantic streets of the city, you can admire the latest trends in autumn and winter fashion and find inspiration in the shop windows. Because everyone knows: trends that originated in Paris also come into fashion with us.

Relax during a wellness holiday in November

Those who prefer to retreat to warm bath water must have a unique one Wellness holiday in the largest France Castle Hotel in the Parc Naturel north of Paris. The former residence of the famous Rothschild family is now a luxury 4-star hotel with relaxing wellness facilities and a real insider tip for you November holiday.

Find the perfect hotel in France

Father and son in the woods

November holiday in Germany

Who else in November holiday in Germany looking for sun, has a good chance of finding it in the sunniest state of Germany. According to the surveys of the German Weather Service, Baden-Württemberg is the sunniest place in Germany this month with 61.5 hours of sunshine in November.

Enjoy an active November holiday

Break of female cyclists

Active holiday in the Black Forest

So what about then? November holiday in Germany in the beautiful Black Forestadmire the unique nature on an active holiday? Because autumn can’t just be a wonderful time of year at the beach! Whether you prefer to go on foot or by bike, the numerous hiking and cycling trails make discovering the area easy. Only with one Holiday in the fall you can look together at the orange foliage and the already snowy peaks. Impressive color contrasts are created, which come into their own when the sky is blue. If, after exploring this painting of the Black Forest, you want to jump into the sauna or swimming pool that has become real, then we will introduce you november holiday those in the northern part of the Black Forest 3*- Hotel Konradshof before. From here you can walk along the river valleys and the beautiful moorland landscape and then relax in the hotel’s natural swimming pool.

Also the Eifel or that Sauerland attract nature lovers during a Holiday in November with colorful forests, shiny sunny days and the smell of ripe grapes and fresh wine. Numerous hiking trails lead you through the autumnal nature – whether for a short walk or for several hours.

Discover a new city

If you prefer to go on a city trip, you can do that in Holiday in November 2021 a walk through the old towns of Heidelberg or Stuttgart to do. Both cities are located in sunny Baden-Württemberg, so your chances of sunshine are very good.

Relax during a wellness holiday

Couple doing wellness

Wellness holiday in Germany

Because you can never trust the weather forecast 100%, the cooler season is ideal for relaxing in a pleasantly warm whirlpool or sauna. However, one should consider choosing the right hotel for the november holiday, with well equipped wellness area, be careful. Well-advertised relaxation areas often turn out to be less relaxing. But don’t worry, we have the best deals for you Wellness holiday in Germany. NSamit you can be in you Holiday in November devote yourself to complete relaxation.

Find your hotel in Germany here

You don’t always have to travel far for a nice trip Holiday in November compete. Autumn is not called the golden season for nothing! This period has very beautiful sides, which you can enjoy not far from home.

Enjoy the sun on Lake Constance

Boy with binoculars

Holiday on Lake Constance in the fall

Especially that one Lake Constance is known for its intoxicatingly beautiful autumn weather and therefore ideal for yours Holiday in November 2021. The trees on the shore of the lake sparkle in all colors, the sky is wonderfully clear and the sun is really golden. The best way to enjoy the area is to take a long walk or bike ride right on the water.

Lake Constance is part of three countries, so you can go to the Holiday in November Visit nearby lake towns such as Bregenz, Lindau or Friedrichshafen and experience the color spectacle of this area.

If the weather is during your november holiday but if it ever gets a bit gloomy, we recommend a trip to the Pfänder in Bregenz. Once you get through the fog on the cable car, you will be rewarded with a blue sky above the clouds.

Find your hotel on Lake Constance here

Explore beautiful Salzburg

Family explores Salzburg

Salzburg holiday in November

City breaks are a great way to spend your vacation all year round and for you too november holiday ideal. Discovering cities and getting to know new cultures can be a lot of fun, especially in the fall.

When autumn shines on the city Salzburg the scenic landscape certainly offers a unique destination for you Holiday in November 2021. The city’s winding streets invite you to stroll and there are many cultural highlights. Starting with the beautiful Mirabell Palace, Mozart’s birthplace on the Salzach Salzburg really offers something for everyone. Also try the famous Mozartkugeln!

The most beautiful hotels in Salzburg

Discover the old town of Dresden

2 women in Dresden

Dresden in November

If you have your Holiday in November If you want to spend in Germany, we recommend a varied City trip to Dresden. The festive atmosphere during the autumn months gives the city a special flair, which you can feel when visiting all the sights. Besides the must-sees such as the Semperoper in the old town, the Great Garden Palace and Pillnitz Castle, nature also invites you to adventure.

In the vicinity of Dresden you can Holiday in November 2021 discover the most special bridge in Germany. The Rakotzbrücke is also known as “the Devil’s Bridge” and looks like a ring due to the reflection of the water. Autumn gives this place an even stronger mystical atmosphere and you imagine yourself in a fairytale.

If you want to end the evening in the sauna or whirlpool after a varied day, we recommend that for yourself november holiday the 4* -Radisson Blu Park Hotel Dresden Radebeul just outside of Dresden. With a more than 1,000m2 large wellness area, here you can end the day well.

Discover your hotel in Dresden

Take a look at the European capital Brussels

Woman in Brussels

Brussels in the fall

The headquarters of the European Union is also the capital of Belgium. Brussels Due to the diverse range on offer, it is suitable for anyone who wants to go on holiday in November on a city trip. In addition to the headquarters of the European Union, Brussels has long shopping streets, hip neighborhoods where it is cozy in the evening, cultural highlights and beautiful old buildings.

Even the foodies among you will love theirs november holiday this city will definitely get their money’s worth! Belgium is best known for its fine chocolate. On your way through the city you will meet many chocolatiers and admire and of course try the most delicious variations of chocolate. Another treat are the Belgian waffles, which are usually served with fruit and chocolate. For the salty food lovers among you, we recommend juicy Belgian fries, which you can find in your Holiday in November can try.

The festival “Nocturnes du Sablon” takes place in Brussels every November. For four days, people celebrate the past year. There is an ongoing musical program, cocktail bars, food stalls and various artists put their goods up for sale.

Find the ideal hotel in Brussels

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