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What is a holiday without food? But one night! That is boring. Vacation should be about relaxing and enjoying everything – including food.

This works very well with our dinner specials. Did you know that we have several hotels with dinner specials, such as Hotels with half board, hotels with dinner offer? We introduce you to our six dinner specials and leave the choice to you. Don’t forget one thing: all our dinner specials include breakfast!

  1. Dinner special including dinner on the day of arrival
dinner special

Hotel with breakfast and dinner

Do you arrive at the hotel in the evening and do you not feel like looking for a restaurant in the area in the evening? No problem, because with our dinner special including dinner on the day of arrival you can Hotels with Dinner To reserve. With this DinnerSpecial you can enjoy a 3-course menu or buffet on the evening of arrival. So who is looking for one Hotel with breakfast and dinner you will find it with us!

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  1. Half board special
half board

Hotel with half board

AN Hotel with half board asked? At HotelSpecials you will find what you are looking for. With our half board special you are fully catered for during your stay. In the morning you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and in the evening from a 3-course menu or a buffet. AN Half board hotel is ideal for a city trip – you can recharge your batteries at breakfast, go on a journey of discovery, do some sports and end your evening with dinner.

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  1. Dinner Deluxe Special
Dinner Deluxe Special

Hotel with dinner

Attention gourmet lovers! You can also enjoy your gourmet meals on holiday. Then the Dinner Deluxe Special is exactly what you are looking for. Look forward to a 4- or 5-course menu in the hotel’s own restaurant on the evening of arrival and start your holiday perfectly. Browse our website and find the one that suits you Hotel with dinner.

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  1. Specials for short breaks
Short holiday special

Hotel with breakfast and dinner

Want to escape the stress of everyday life? Then a short holiday is exactly what you are looking for. With our discount package for a short break including breakfast, dinner on the day of arrival and another dinner during your stay, you are well equipped to enjoy your short break. Info: For the second dinner, a reservation at the reception is necessary on the day of arrival. Suitable Hotels with breakfast and dinner You will find here.

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  1. Wine & Dinner Special
Wine and dinner special

Hotel with dinner and wine

Are you a real wine connoisseur? So do we, so a wine & dinner special should of course not be missing. Look forward to a delicious 4- or 5-course menu including matching wine on the evening of arrival. Check in your room, get dressed and start your holiday with a delicious dinner and wine. You are looking for a topper Hotel with dinner? You will find it here.

Wine & Dinner Specials

  1. Dinner Special light
Dinner Special light

Hotel with dinner

Wondering why you need a 3-course meal on the evening of arrival when you arrive tired and exhausted, want to eat quickly and then sleep? We also have the right benefit package for you. With the Dinner Special light you get a quick dinner on the day of arrival – without a lot of frills.

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What do you think of our dinner specials? There should be something for everyone here!

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