L’Estrange London Menswear Review: Simplify Your Wardrobe

Meet L’Estrange London, the London label dedicated to clearing out closets and reinventing the fundamentals of menswear. Since 2013, the brand has been on a mission to empower men to do more with less. Think timeless, versatile pieces of superior quality. The idea is to reduce the need for conveyor belt consumption while streamlining your style in the process.

It started with the belief that fashion needed a radical shake-up. Founders Will and Tim saw that people were buying to throw away and the cyclical nature of the industry encouraged them to do so.

The pair’s first draft was intended to address the issue. The neighbourhood is an elevated twist on the classic hoodie, designed to bridge the gap between smart and sofa with its premium construction and tailored fit. It was a bull’s eye, securing L’Estrange space on the rails of some of the world’s most respected and exclusive retailers, including the now-defunct but ever-iconic concept store Colette in Paris and the influential Japanese store Isetan.

So, what makes L’Estrange London different?

Simplifying the male wardrobe

L’Estrange London The All Day Shirt Linen Collar and The 24 Pants

Modern life is chaotic enough without wasting time putting together outfits. That’s why L’Estrange London offers a curated clothing collection that takes the hassle out of looking good.

Everything in the wardrobe of L’Estrange London has been carefully designed to work together, with a muted palette that flatters everyone. Mix and match to your heart’s content and you’ll never find a combination that doesn’t work. But L’Estrange London’s approach to menswear not only simplifies getting ready, it also streamlines your wardrobe itself.

These garments are simple and adaptable. They cover all bases, the idea is: why five outfits for five different situations when you can have one that is right at home in all cases?

Standing up for circularity

The textile industry produces 100 billion units per year, most of which are destined for landfills or incinerators. L’Estrange London does not subscribe to this throw-away mentality, opting instead to create high-quality pieces that last and invest in recycled and renewable materials.

In fact, L’Estrange London’s wardrobe is produced exclusively with recycled and renewable materials, including organic cotton, recycled nylon and Kapok – a natural fiber extracted from the Kapok tree, which uses no chemicals to grow and 3,000 liters of water. per kg can save compared to cotton.

There is also a one year warranty on all items, and L’Estrange London trying to fix any item after that point.

See for yourself

Founders Will and Tim in Notting Hill at one of the two L’Estrange London stores

It’s all well and good to say things like this, but don’t take it from us. L’Estrange London has two physical locations in London where you can view the clothing in real life. There you can request an appointment to learn more about the signature range and get advice on sizing and styling.

Alternative, book an appointment on the L’Estrange London website. Otherwise, head to the Covent Garden or Notting Hill sites for a look and chat with the expert team.

The collection

L’Estrange London’s tightly curated selection of luxury basics has everything you need to build a stylish capsule wardrobe. It’s all great, but below are a few of the items we think the label does particularly well.


The 24 Pants is the all-rounder of L’Estrange London. We would describe it as somewhere between a jogger, chinos and tailored pants. It has an elasticated waist with a hidden drawstring for adjustment, but also has a clip and button closure at the front, like you might find on dress pants.

The versatile contemporary fit covers work and weekend outfits, and there are several fabric options, including classic cotton, heavyweight, linen and wool. Truly a pair of trousers for all seasons and occasions.


A simple Oxford shirt is one of the true essentials of menswear. L’Estrange London’s version called the shirt for all day, is made from premium Italian cotton with a loose weave to make it lighter than traditional Oxfords. It is also available in linen for the warmer months, both with and without a collar.

Sweaters & Hoods

The neighbourhood is where it all started for L’Estrange London and it is still the heart of the brand’s collection. It is a full length zip with a high shine two way zip and is fully lined for more comfort. The level of detail is reminiscent of a tailored jacket.

It is not often that we propose to combine a hoodie with dress pants, but in this case we do not hesitate. That said, there’s not much it doesn’t work with, from weekend casual wear to sweatpants and sneakers.


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