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Getting dressed for the colder months can get a little… utilitarian. Aesthetics take a back seat when it’s below zero outside and insulation becomes the top priority. However, it doesn’t have to be fun and all function. Visit a brand that cares as much about materials as it does design, and the textures you can play with make winter the most creative and sartorial season of the year.

That’s where Luca Faloni comes in. The Italian brand specializes in wardrobe essentials woven from the world’s finest, softest fabrics, which keep you warm and feel great against the skin, a winning combination when the temperature drops. They are also built to last, made by Italian artisans who combine timeless design with luxurious modern details.

So what are the layers you need in your wardrobe this season, and how should you wear them? Here’s everything you need to know about dressing warmly without leaving your style out in the cold.

Main Autumn/Winter Layers

cashmere knitwear

Chunky knit cashmere cardigan

For ultimate warmth, the right knit makes all the difference. Depending on how cold it is, chunkier styles like cable knits or fisherman jumpers can be worn on their own, while lighter jumpers are perfect for layering under jackets or outerwear.

Softness should also be a consideration. Poorly selected fabric can itch and feel uncomfortable on the skin, which is far from ideal. This is why Luca Faloni is meticulous about the factories it partners with for its knitwear, which is some of the softest and most luxurious you can find anywhere. of the brand cashmere knits are made with two- or four-ply yarns from the Cariaggi collection of fine yarns, known for its incredible softness and durability.

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Cotton Twill Pants

Cotton Chino Curtain

An often overlooked aspect of winter clothing, pants don’t get the attention they deserve. Like your top half, those made of thicker fabrics are better at keeping out the cold, which means avoiding lightweight cotton-linen blends in fall and winter. Instead, opt for pants made of dense cotton twill or wool, which will keep your legs warm much better.

Using their mastery of matter, Luca Faloni’s Cortina Pants perhaps the perfect tool for the job. Made from a remarkably soft, stretchy cotton twill weighing 350 grams per square metre, they are ideal for keeping you warm without weighing you down. Designed for comfort, the 3% elastane helps them mold to your shape, while the mid-rise and tapered fit ensures they’re versatile enough for work and play.

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Chocolate Brown Weekender

Accessories are an easy way to add a difference to a look. From gloves and scarves to bags and leather goods, these finishing touches can make or break an outfit, so it’s best to choose wisely. The trick is to keep things consistent. For example, if you’re wearing a neat single-breasted overcoat, combine the formality with a pair of leather gloves instead of the knitted variant.

Luca Faloni’s range of expertly designed accessories is unmatched for using the finest materials and craftsmanship. The double sided cashmere scarf and cashmere lined nubuck leather gloves are an excellent choice if you want to stay warm in style, while the chocolate brown leather weekend bag is the perfect size for those traveling home for the holidays.

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Main fall/winter looks

Autumn Textures

An easy way to look cool (and stay warm) in the colder months is to wear complementary neutrals. Think earthy browns, greens and beiges, which look great together and are easy to combine with light blues and navy blues. A key piece from Luca Faloni’s collections is his cashmere polo sweater, the perfect complement to his Cortina chino pants. Layer it above a brushed cotton shirt and you can’t go wrong.

business casual

Business attire doesn’t have to be boring. Inject a touch of subtle color by brightening up your knitwear rotation while keeping the rest of the look muted. Think jewel tones of dark reds, deep blues and rich greens, which go well with understated grays and browns. Available in a variety of shades including navy, Luca Faloni’s cashmere sweater with V-neck might just be the perfect piece, ideal to wear on the go between meetings in the city.

City breaks

If you’re traveling for work or play in the colder months, it’s best to keep your clothes as easy and versatile as possible. Simple designs that blend effortlessly are best, so think basic chinos, classic shirts and comfy knits. You can’t go wrong with an all-blue tonal look, but it can’t hurt to mix things up a bit with a contrasting shade-up top.

Luca Faloni’s cashmere cardigan with zipper in Hunting Green does the trick and adds a sophisticated edge to an already timeless ensemble. End with a brown leather belt and you have an easy-to-wear, contemporary outfit suitable for a variety of occasions.


Staying warm doesn’t have to come at the expense of looking good. It’s entirely possible to do both if you stick to understated wardrobe classics in complementary shades. As Luca Faloni proves with his collection of well-made, luxurious staples, staying stylish in the cold is a challenge worth taking on. Whether you want to upgrade your fall/winter wardrobe or renew your travel clothes, investing in fabric is essential. Look forward to classic designs in luxurious cotton or cashmere, and you’ll stay well-dressed and comfortable into spring.

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