Luciano Dress Shirts Review – Bringing Personality Into Black Tie

Black tie is often quite boring. Sure, it’s the most glamorous dress code usually reserved for the fanciest events, but everyone looks pretty much the same. Walk into the room of a black tie night and you will witness a monochromatic sea of ​​people wearing the same black and white penguin suits. Some will be cut better than others, but most people will look like copies of each other. Black suit, white shirt, black bow tie, black shoes, repeat.

This is true Luciano shirts are entering. The Swiss brand wasn’t satisfied with producing the same old white evening dresses, so it broke the mold – injecting its own kind of unique personality into its designs. But Luciano starts with quality. All his shirts are made entirely in Italy from the finest cotton fabrics, in the same way you would expect from the most established shirt makers. Each is cut in a classic tailored fit designed to sculpt the body rather than hug it, and you’ll find traditional details including a modest forward point collar, double cuffs perfect for attaching your favorite cufflinks, and a traditional piqué bib on the front. But this is where the classic details end.

Everything of Luciano’s shirts have a bold, unashamed print in bright colors, which can be seen pretty much everywhere except the piqué bib. That means that with a jacket on you would think that the wearer is wearing a plain white shirt. Take it off though and the look is transformed, revealing one of Luciano’s unique all-over prints.

there is the Cordoba print – a medley of bright blue, pink and orange flowers against a deep blue background; the lucky pig print – a simple repeating image of a pig’s silhouette; and the Casablanca – a sartorial version of classic still lifes with its bright array of intertwined fruits.

Bold and eclectic, the results are sure to turn the time-tested dinner suit into a statement piece. If you want to try one for yourself, the trick is to wear these shirts as you would a regular white evening dress – that is, under a black or midnight blue tuxedo.

The shirts are the focal point of the look and so the rest of the outfit should be relatively refined and toned down. Go for an equally ostentatious patterned evening suit and it will be way too much. Keep it muted though, and you’ll fool everyone into thinking you’re dressed the same as them. But once the evening reaches a certain point (and you’ve gotten yourself quite drunk with a few cocktails), you take off your coat and reveal the splendor that lies beneath.

Panache and trust

That’s the thing with Luciano shirts; they are not for everyone. But for those with panache and the right amount of confidence, few shirts make such an impact. Grab one of the brand’s shirts, be it the Cordoba, Lucky Pig or Casablanca, and Black tie will never be dull again.

One last point: Luciano shirts are releasing a new collection on December 15, 2021 – something to look back on. We are certainly excited to see the next steps from the brands.

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