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Soon it will be that time again and the new year will begin: Germans like to celebrate the new year with fireworks and champagne. But what about our neighboring countries? In this blog post we will explore with you the customs and traditions that are common in the different countries of our labels:

Family with stars

In the Netherlands and Belgium, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the same way as here: friends and family also drink champagne and admire the fireworks. Special Traditions in the Netherlands There is no New Year’s Eve, but there is very special food. The Dutch like to eat oliebollen, a delicacy made from fried yeast dough that can be compared to donuts or coins. In Belgium, on the other hand, it is a tradition to eat oysters and seafood. There is also often a cake in the shape of a heart called “Couer de Nouvel-An”. After celebrating with the family while enjoying good food, the fireworks are enjoyed outside. The most spectacular and at the same time the largest Fireworks from the Netherlands you can experience it in Rotterdam. An Tradition in Belgium it’s to get together on the Grand Place in Brussels to get a good seat with a view of the New Year’s spectacle. At midnight everyone celebrates the New Year with alcohol and hugs.

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Fireworks with the French flag

In France, noisy parties and colorful fireworks are quite unusual on New Year’s Eve. Usually, the French celebrate the New Year relatively quietly with friends or relatives. In addition, people meet to dine and dine, as usually known from the French, culinary with champagne, foie gras (foie gras) or oysters. If you really want to celebrate, head to the Champs Elysées in Paris, which is only open to pedestrians once a year on New Year’s Eve. Tourists and Parisians meet here to celebrate the New Year, but without fireworks. You will find a mix of both in Lyon. Here you will find everything from an intimate dinner to an exuberant ball. Which New Year’s Eve fireworks in Lyon you can not miss it! Tip: Celebrate the New Year on a boat with a beautiful view of the center of Lyon.

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New Year's Eve fireworks in Stockholm

The Swedes love big events, including New Year’s Eve. In the metropolises there are big New Year’s Eve celebrations, in the countryside it is more celebrated with family and friends. But wherever you are on New Year’s Eve, the menu is always very lavish: lobster and oysters, along with sparkling wine and champagne, are part of the traditional New Year’s Eve dinner for Sweden. It’s the same with clothes, because even in the bitter cold, a festive and glamorous wardrobe is a must for most Swedes! According to this motto, you can celebrate “New Year’s Eve Deluxe” in Stockholm. The new year rings sharply at midnight when the bell of the city’s oldest church tolls. Then the city’s big official fireworks display starts and visitors and locals celebrate the start of the new year together. But New Year’s Eve in Haparanda / Tornio is also something very special. You can celebrate twice in these twin cities. The two cities are separated only by a river, but have different time zones. So you can only slide into the new year in Tornio (Finland) and again an hour later in Haparanda (Sweden).

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Friends celebrate New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve Traditions in Denmark – most Danes celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and family. For this purpose, people usually gather in the early evening with alcoholic drinks and plenty of food to watch the New Year’s speech of the Danish Queen. There is no traditional New Year’s Eve dinner in Denmark. Some fondue and raclette dishes, as is customary here, but also cod, cod and kale. Once the clocks of Copenhagen City Hall strike midnight, the New Year is greeted with loud bangs and lots of fireworks. There used to be a lot of jokes, jokes and disguises associated with the transition to the New Year. Unfortunately, little of it is left, so you can only tell by the hats and streamers that go with the traditional New Year decorations.

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New Years Eve

In general, the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Norway are not that different from the celebrations in Germany. You can enjoy good food such as turkey or cod, drink New Year’s dishes in good company and party until the early hours. Usually during the celebration a short walk through the winter night is taken. A breathtaking location to dance and party can be found on one of the many ships in Oslo. The party ships await their visitors in the harbor of the city and offer great show programs with special New Year’s Eve menus. In addition, at midnight you have a beautiful view of the breathtaking fireworks on board. New Years Eve in Oslo must be seen!

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So if you want to spend New Year’s Eve in the neighboring countries, you should have gathered enough inspiration by now. We wish you all a happy new year!

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