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A modern men’s guide to dress code for formal wear

So you’ve either received the invitation to the year-end event, or you’ve decided to finally take the plunge and get married… whatever the occasion, time calls for formal attire, meaning either black tie, white tie or morning dress, where the details of each are determined by a unique set of …

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Taste, best cuts, how to cook

Australian cuisine doesn’t often scream unconventional or unique; however some interesting dishes should not be ignored. Exotic meats are often overlooked or forgotten in Australia, yet they are some of the most exciting flavors you will encounter. The ostrich is the largest living flightless bird in height and is native …

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J & G Thomson & Co Whiskey & Spirits Review

Looking for something new as you continue your spirit journey? Then J & G Thomson & Co., innovative Scottish master blenders, could have the answer. This newcomer has a range of whiskeys, rums and gins to suit almost every taste. The recently launched range has already started taking top prizes …

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