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6 Best Business Casual Shoe Styles (and How to Style Them)

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed working life. Kitchens became co-working spaces, ironing boards became makeshift desks and slippers became appropriate footwear for the office. It was (or may not have been) fun while it lasted, but with a semblance of normality now returning to the world, the time has …

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Most Popular 20 Cuban Desserts

Cubans are loyal lovers of sweet flavors. Perhaps it is due to the agricultural tradition of mass production of cane sugar. Possibly. The truth is that there are very few culinary preparations without a small spoonful of cane sugar. Desserts are an essential part of traditional Cuban food. They are …

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The best winter hats for modern men in 2022

The importance of a good winter hat cannot be emphasized enough. It is often said that much of a person’s body heat is lost through the head (a myth by the way), but less talked about is the fact that all their reputation on the street can be lost due …

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