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The best new movies released in 2021

The cinemas are open and you have to go back to them. Not for their sake, though it’s important to help a pandemic-plagued industry, but for yours. Trust us, you need to be reminded of what it’s like to go to the cinema. That feels. That space. Great movies that …

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Roasted Cedar (Roast Pork) Recipe

Part I love to discover in the kitchen those dishes that are transformed into authentic culinary delights with four things. This is the case with today’s meat recipe, roast pork, roast pork (Lechon Asado). Roasted pig is a typical Cuban dish, which although it takes a lot of time, I …

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Olivier/Russian Salad – Chef’s Pencil

Part This Russian salad is mainly eaten on holidays for reasons of convenience and tradition. Olivier salad is made with vegetables, meat, eggs and dressed generously with mayo. It is a heavy, filling and hearty salad, most popular for New Years, the biggest holiday of the year in Russia. Olivier …

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