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Pirozhki – Chef’s Pencil

Part Pirozhki are a popular Russian dessert, comfort food and street food, as they are very easy to find and prepare in stores. Just choose the filling and place it in the rolled out dough. Pirozhki are usually fried, but in the eastern part of Russia they are more often …

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Pozharsky Cutlet – Chef’s Pencil

Part Cutlets have a hint of childhood nostalgia, which is why they are a favorite of almost every Russian. One could argue that Pozharsky cutlet is the most popular Russian dish. It combines tender and juicy minced meat with crunchy breadcrumbs and goes well with any sauce. The secret to …

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Butter Noodles/Butterspätzle – Chef’s Pencil

Part Butterspätzle is a type of noodles mainly consumed in southwestern Germany. The main ingredients are flour, eggs and salt, and once cooked, they are dredged with cheese. They go well with meat dishes with a lot of sauce or gravy, such as goulash or roast meat. Vegetarians can eat …

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