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10 creative ways to use nitrous oxide in the kitchen

You may have heard of nitrous oxide before… It is known as nitrous oxide and is most commonly used in dental offices and doctor’s offices as a tool to control minor pain. However, this material is also highly effective (and completely safe!) at aerating liquids and purees, making even the …

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The best diving watches you can buy today: 2021 edition

Even among those who do not dive, a large number of men own or have their eye on a diving watch. A retro, rugged vibe combined with solid construction and a veneer of sophistication means they can handle whatever life throws at them. The best diving watches are truly versatile …

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Top 5 cars from the 80s that will become icons of the future

There are few car eras that identify with excess and success like the 1980s. Global economies were strong, the first bursts of digitization were on the way and fashion, fun and travel were about showing off without too much subtlety. The coolest cars of the 1980s were no different, with …

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