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Welcome to Poland!“- welcome to Poland, the Land of National Parks! Quite rightly so, because Germany’s neighboring country has a total of 23 and is therefore available 1st place in Europe. No wonder the country is so rich in many game reserves and especially so many wild bison – because almost a third of the entire country is covered with forests. During your short holiday in Poland you will not only experience city beauties, but also countless natural highlights!

So look forward to a exciting journey through Poland, because hardly any other country combines nature, culture, history and modernity like this country. So that you know exactly which highlights you should definitely see during your holiday in Poland, we have them for you Top 11 Things to Do in Poland compiled. Pack your bags and look forward to exciting days!

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Poland’s top 11 sights at a glance

  1. Warsaw
  2. Marienburg
  3. Breslau
  4. Tatra Mountains
  5. Krakow
  6. danzig
  7. Wollin Island
  8. Slowinski National Park
  9. Wieliczka Salt Mine
  10. Kasprowy Wierch
  11. Zamosc

1st place: Warsaw

First and foremost, of course, is the capital of Poland, as Warsaw has some spectacular highlights to offer. Warsaw’s Old Town combines different architectural styles, which is why they are 1980 UNESCO World Heritage Site was appointed. In addition to the medieval St. John’s Cathedral, you will also find the Royal Palace, which was the seat of the Polish kings until the 18th century.

A city with history

A city trip to Warsaw is especially popular with historical buildings. Starting with countless museums up to medieval, gothic or classical buildings. Be sure to check out some of them while traveling through Poland:

  1. The royal road
  2. Wilanow Palace and its park
  3. The POLIN Museum in Memory of Polish Jews

Did you know? After the First and Second World Wars, Poland was always divided among the victorious powers. Buildings were destroyed and cultural treasures were lost. Today, the buildings have been partially rebuilt and serve as Memorial to the eventful history.

2nd place: Marienburg

On to the famous Marienburg! The beautiful Ordensburg from the Middle Ages is an absolute must for any holidaymaker in Poland. The huge castle complex, built in the 13th century on the Nogat River, is now one of the most important sights in Poland. In 1997 she became one UNESCO World Heritage It has been furnished and now mainly serves as a museum. The Ordensburg houses, among other things, an amber museum.

A place full of myths and legends

Marienburg is also known for the many legends surrounding its creation. One of these is the legend according to which the foundation stone of the Marienburg comes from the house in Jerusalem in which the last Supper took place.

Poland is known for its wealth Amber finds in the Baltic Sea areas! If you find this stone, you can take it with you – but only if you found it on the beach and searched for it without technical aids.

Starościńska 1
82-200 Malbork

3rd place: Wrocaw

You will find a very special city in third place in our ranking – Wroclaw, the beautiful cultural capital. It is located in the west of the country, right on the Oder. Particularly impressive Poland’s fourth largest city is especially the beautiful market square, also known as “big ringreferred to Als. The medieval square is adorned not only by noble mansions, but also by a beautiful fountain and the new town hall.

Festivals after festivals

Wroclaw is not only known for impressive sights such as St. Elizabeth’s Church, but also for the countless festivities that are celebrated in the city every year. Every May the “Good beer festival” instead of. In September, Wroclaw impressed with the Wratislavia Cantans – the music festivalthat especially honors and celebrates older music.

4th place: Tatra Mountains

If you not only like to explore cities, but also like to walk, you definitely go to the 4th place. The well-known Tatra Mountains stretch across Poland and Slovakia and are one of the most beautiful natural highlights of the country. AN Third of the mountain range is on the Polish side and is home to Poland’s highest mountain, the Rysy. It rises to a height of 2,499 m.

A national park in two countries

The Tatra Mountains are particularly beautiful to see because they have been a national park in Slovakia since 1949 and in Poland since 1954. So if you walk too far, you will travel from one country to another. You can marvel here a total of 113,000 hectares impressive animal species such as:

  1. lynx
  2. Wolf
  3. Brown bear

5th place: Krakow

Welcome to Poland’s second largest city! Krakow is located in the south of the country and not only offers you many new sights during your short vacation, but also 40 city parks quite a bit of nature to discover during a long walk. But also the architecture of Krakow is definitely worth seeing, because the city was quiet the capital until the Middle Ages of the country and houses a number of monuments from this period. For example:

  1. Krakow’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978
  2. The Wawel Cathedral
  3. The royal castle
  4. The Marienkirche
  5. The tower of the town hall
  6. The Rynek Glowny Market Square with the famous Cloth Hall

And another city in Poland made it to our ranking of the top 11 sights in Poland. The city of Gdansk on the bay of the same name in the Baltic Sea inspires every visitor with its famous Langgasse. The beautiful houses along this market square are impressive historical face – although they were not built until after World War II, after the original structures there were destroyed.

A market square – an infinite number of sights

But not only the noble houses are worth a few souvenir photos here! These kinds of sights are also waiting for you in the Lange Markt Uphagenhaus, the town hall and the Artushof. A highlight on Langgasse is the famous Neptune Fountain, which was built for the Artus Court in the 17th century. You should definitely take a souvenir photo here.

The fountain is especially beautiful at night when the statue of Neptune is lit up!

Rank 7: Wollin Island

When you think of Poland, you usually think of the beautiful beaches right on the Baltic Sea. That is why the Baltic Sea island of Wollin should not be missing from our ranking of the best attractions in Poland. With an area of ​​265 km², it is the largest island in the entire country and home to it one of Poland’s 23 national parks since 1960. Here you will find special animal species, as well as a herd of almost extinct European bison.

Beaches after beaches

The island in Poland is also particularly suitable for a summer holiday. Famous beaches like in Miedzyzdroje or Wiselka are the face of the island and attract countless tourists every year. But also cities like Swinoujscie with the fortress”Fortress Gerhada“Or Miedzyzdroje with the natural history museum are absolutely worth seeing.

8th place: Slowinski National Park

Attention nature lovers! Because a real pearl of nature has crept into our top 11 and that is the Slowinski National Park. Located in West Pomerania on the Baltic coast, you will come across here 18,000 hectares different natural forms together. This way you can travel around the world, as it were – and that during a holiday in Poland! Look out for lonely coastal beaches, huge dunes and one of the largest coastal lakes in the country.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The national park, which is one of the largest in Poland, has had this name since 1977. No wonder, because the park offers numerous attractions, such as the Lontzkedüne – the highest dune at 42 m of the park – a home.

Do you want to visit the park? Then it is best to do so from 1 October to 30 April, because then you do not have to pay an entrance fee.

Bohaterow Warszawy 1A
76-214 Smoidzino

9th Place: Wieliczka Salt Mine

The famous Wieliczka Salt Mine is not only one of the oldest salt mines in the world, but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And that’s no wonder, because the area around Wieliczka is known for its salt springs. In the 13th century these dried up and this salt deposit was found underground when searching for brine. Of the 15th to 18th century Together with the one in Bochnia, the salt mine formed the largest mining company in Poland.

Salt sculptures as a point of interest

Anyone visiting the mine should follow the tourist trail to a depth of 130 m. Here you not only descend 800 steps, but explore a total of 3 km of underground passages. Here you can expect salt sculptures depicting kings and other people that are more than 45 million tourists from all over the world enthusiastic.

Jan Mikołaj Daniłowicz 10
32-020 Wieliczka

Platz 10: Kasprowy Wierch

In 10th place there is a reunion with the Tatra Mountains. Because here is a mountain that will give you goosebumps on your trip to Poland. The Kasprowy Wierch is located on the border between Poland and Slovakia and extends over the whole 1987 m in the air upwards. With nearly 4,000 visitors a day, the mountain peak is the most visited of the entire mountain range.

Up with the cable car

The funicular, which has been in use since 1936, is a tourist highlight. From the village of Zakopane at the foot of the mountain, the train leads to the top of the mountain and offers you an incomparable view of the surroundings. Enjoy it here Panoramic view of the mountain with snow-capped peaks and hidden hiking trails.

11th place: Zamosc

A city that ranked 11th among the best sights in Poland, though only having a population of just under 65,000, captivates anyone who visits it. After all, the city of Zamosc in southeastern Poland is home to a World Heritage Site and numerous other attractions. Here you can stroll comfortably through the old town UNESCO World Heritage since 1992 counts. In the 16th century, it was planned by Bernardo Morando as the “ideal city” and built with fortresses and colorful houses.

Other places to see in Zamosc are:

  1. The town hall with the 52 m high and octagonal bell tower
  2. The Collegiate Church, as one of the most beautiful churches of the Mannerist era

Did you know? The city is also called Padua des Nordens assigned. This is mainly due to the Italian Renaissance style in which the city was built.

Our top 11 attractions in Poland in a nutshell

Poland is a highlight for any visitor – whether you’re marveling at the endless expanse of beautiful national parks or strolling comfortably through the old towns of well-known metropolises. Look forward to your holiday in Poland Special places of interestfrom huge mountain peaks to incomparable islands. Are you curious? Then pack your suitcase and hit the road!

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Poland: the most important facts and figures at a glance

  • Resident: Which. 38,000,000
  • Measure: 312,679 km²
  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: golden
  • Time zone: Central European Time Zone (UTC+1)
  • Average temperature in summer: 15°C
  • Average temperature in winter: 2°C

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