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The end of May is certainly one of the best travel times of the year – warm enough to spend a holiday by the sea and at the same time not too hot for exciting city breaks. That’s why we are all the more happy that Pentecost falls on May 31th this year! For inspiration, we have listed our top travel destinations for a short Pentecost trip

Harz | North Sea | Baltic Sea
Copenhagen | skagen
Maastricht | The Hague | Amsterdam
graza | Carinthia
Brussels | Belgian Ardennes – La Roche-en-Ardennes

Short break Pentecost Germany

Why not a short holiday at Pentecost in your own country? Whether the Harz, the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, Germany has so many facets! Here are our tips for your holiday during Pentecost in Germany.

Short break at Pentecost Harz

There is pure nature during a short holiday at Pentecost in the Harz Mountains. The natural environment is ideal for hiking and active holidays. A journey through time from the Middle Ages to the present awaits you during a short Pentecost holiday in Goslar. The old town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is therefore easy to see. Explore the lively city with its picturesque alleys and squares for shopping, strolling and relaxing.

Here it goes to the Harz

Short break Pentecost North Sea

Short trip Pentecost North Sea

Short holiday at Pentecost at the North Sea

Moin, Moin from the north of Germany! If you are attracted to the sea in northern Germany, we recommend a short Pentecost holiday on the North Sea. The beach chairs are being brought out of hibernation and the beaches are ideal for long walks and bike rides. Depending on the temperature in the water and on land, you may even be able to go into the sea. If the water is still too cold, you can easily join a cruise. Are you looking for relaxation? Even Wellness enthusiasts will get their money’s worth with a short holiday at Pentecost at the North Sea.

Here it goes to the North Sea

Short break Whitsuntide Baltic Sea

If you want to spend your short holiday on the Baltic Sea at Pentecost, you must visit the peninsula Jasmund Don’t miss Ruegen. A true paradise of dense, green forests and turquoise shimmering water awaits you here. Tip: Hike the Hochuferweg to the most beautiful viewpoints and then descend the nearly 500 steps to the coast of the Baltic Sea. This allows you to view the white chalk cliffs, some of which are up to 120 meters high, from different perspectives.

Here it goes to the Baltic Sea

Short break Pentecost Denmark

Do you have a few more? Holidays you haven’t planned yet? Then extend the already long weekend with a few more days and spend your short holiday with Pentecost in Denmark! But don’t worry, even if you only have 3 days off, a visit to our neighbors is definitely worth it.

Short break Pentecost Copenhagen

Short trip Pentecost Denmark

Short break during Pentecost Copenhagen

The Danish capital is an absolute must-see Copenhagen. Did you know that this city has been voted “most livable city in the world” several times? And certainly not without reason. Spend your short Pentecost holiday in Copenhagen and be enchanted by the exciting architecture, greenery and beautiful harbour. It is best to explore the cycling city of Copenhagen by bike. Tip: if you are already there, a trip to Sweden is a good idea – because Malmö is only half an hour away by train!

Short break Pentecost Skagen

Short trip Pentecost Skagen

Short break during Pentecost Skagen

Another great place for a Whitsun holiday in Denmark is skagen, the northernmost city in Denmark. Definitely go there Grenen Strand, one of the largest headlands in the world. But that’s not all – here you have the unique opportunity to have one foot in the North Sea and the other in the Baltic Sea at the same time! Because this is where the two seas meet. Because the waves come from different directions and thus create a strong current, you can only enter the water up to your ankles, but this natural spectacle is definitely worth it. By the way, with a bit of luck you have the chance to see the Northern Lights in Skagen in May. As if that weren’t enough reasons for a short Pentecost holiday in Denmark!

Here’s to Denmark

Short break Pentecost Holland

The Netherlands also has many nice places that are suitable for a short holiday at Pentecost. These are our favorite destinations for your short Whitsun break.

Short holiday Pentecost Maastricht

short holiday Pentecost

Whitsun holiday Maastricht

Located just behind the German-Dutch border Maastricht, our next tip for a short break at Pentecost. the lively city is one of the oldest in the Netherlands and therefore has many historical sights to offer. Tip: Climb the imposing red church tower of the Sint Janskerk and enjoy the great view over the city from 80 meters high! The nightlife in Maastricht is not neglected either. The city is especially popular with students, so you’ll find plenty of hip bars and cool cafes to round off your evening.

This way to Maastricht

Short holiday PentecostSt The Hague

Short trip Pentecost The Hague

Short holiday with Pentecost The Hague

Fancy a combination of a city trip and Beach visit? Then you should definitely take a short holiday with Pentecost The Hague think it over! Discover the city of the royal family and be enchanted by the flair of a bygone era. Scheveningen, the largest seaside resort in the Netherlands, is only 15 minutes from the center. Stroll along the beach, relax in one of the many cozy cafes or take a dip in the sea! Do you have any other Dutch cities on your bucket list? Then visit that Madurodam, there you can explore the whole of the Netherlands in a few hours, at least in miniature format.

This is the way to The Hague

Short holiday Pentecost Amsterdam

Short trip Pentecost Holland

Short break during Pentecost Amsterdam

That is also allowed for a Pentecost holiday in the Netherlands Amsterdam to call. Try the many nice cafes and restaurants and we show you the different sights during a cruise through the canals. Do you already know the attractions of 08/15 or are you looking for real insider tips? Then visit, for example, “the pink church”, which, as the name suggests, is decorated in pink. If you are drawn to the sea, there are also great beaches around Amsterdam.

This way to Amsterdam

Short holiday Whitsuntide Austria

A short Whitsun holiday in Austria is especially suitable for nature lovers and active holidaymakers among you. In May, there are plenty of opportunities to spend your free time in Austria. Hiking, climbing, rafting and mountain biking are just a few. The mountain tops are no longer covered with snow and with a bit of luck the swimming lakes and outdoor pools even invite you to swim. So let’s go! Pack your things and enjoy the alpine landscape and breathtaking nature!

Short break Pentecost Graz

where to go at Pentecost

Short break at Pentecost in Graz

Graz is the provincial capital of Styria and the second largest city in Austria with almost 300,000 inhabitants. The city not only offers a lot of culture and history, but also plenty of trendy cafes and shops. Shines too graza because of the many students in a very youthful charm. When visiting, we recommend that you first visit the Schlossberg. From above you have a beautiful view of the city and you also get to see a really impressive sight, the castle on the Schlossberg, which was built more than 1000 years ago. In the beautiful old town of Graz you can easily explore the sights on foot. The late Gothic cathedral is not to be missed here. In the evening you can let yourself go and enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the city.

Explore Styria Hotels

Short holiday Pentecost in Carinthia

Our next tip as a travel destination in Austria is no City, but an entire federal state, though Carinthia! With more than 1000 lakes and many mountain peaks, the state is also known as the land of mountains and lakes. Carinthia is located in the extreme south of Austria and offers you countless activities and attractions. Discover, for example, the long-distance hiking trail Alpe-Adria-Trail along rivers, waterfalls and turquoise-blue swimming lakes up to Austria’s highest mountain, the Großglöckner. Everyone is looking for their Pentecost holiday Wellbeing is value for money in Carinthia. The fresh mountain air and the tranquility of nature in combination with a beautiful wellness hotel give you everything you need for rest and relaxation.

To the wellness hotels in Carinthia

Short break Pentecost Belgium

Why not visit our neighboring country Belgium during an extended Whitsun weekend? The small country impresses with beautiful beaches, cities and surprisingly exciting nature.

Short Whitsun break in Brussels

short holiday Pentecost

Whitsun holidays in Brussels

With our tips for a short holiday at Pentecost in Belgium, the capital is allowed Brussels is of course not missing. Thanks to its proximity to Germany, you can be in the city in just a few hours, so you can make the most of your long Pentecost weekend. With the numerous historic buildings, the Europaviertel and sights such as Manneken Pis, the city offers you a lot to discover. Since the temperatures are similar to those in Germany, you can Brussels in may the perfect climate for a city trip. Stroll through the beautiful streets to the Grote Markt and taste the various culinary delights. Brussels also has a lot to offer for shopping enthusiasts. Be sure to visit Rue Antoine Dansaert, Rue De Namur and Rue Nueve! You can end the evening in one of the many cafes.

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Short break Pentecost Belgian Ardennes – La Roche-en-Ardennes

where to go at Pentecost

Pentecost short break in La-Roche-en-Ardennes

To get to know another side of Belgium, we recommend a short Whitsun break in the Belgian Ardennes. With its forests, rivers and valleys, the region is also known as the ‘green lung’ of Belgium. The Ardennes are very sparsely populated and guarantee you with the small romantic villages, where the river Ourthe meanders, a relaxing holiday in nature and lots of relaxation. The numerous castles, abbeys and memorials in the area give you an in-depth insight into the history of Belgium. We recommend you as an insider tip for your Whitsun holiday in Belgium La Roche-en-Ardennes attend. Located in the middle of a bend in the river Ourthe, the town awaits you with enchanted castles and beautiful castles, reflecting just about everything that characterizes the Ardennes.

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We hope we were able to awaken your desire for a short trip over Pentecost! Now it’s up to you – where should your next short trip for two go?

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