Sweet Tomato Sauce

Rajská omáčka is one of the most iconic traditional Czech dishes and offers a unique rich sweet and sour taste. It is based on a broth made from beef, root vegetables and tomato paste. Rajská omáčka, a feature of many Czech schools and kindergartens, is an undeniable part of every Czech’s childhood.

This tomato sauce is nothing like the tomato sauces you know or come across in other national cuisines. It’s sweet and sour, and the taste of the tomatoes is usually overshadowed by the various spices, such as bay leaves, allspice, black pepper and, in some families, its not-so-secret ingredient, cinnamon.

Once the simmering and cooking are done, the sauce is blended to a very rich and creamy texture and is ready to be served with slices of cooked beef or bell pepper stuffed with minced pork and dumplings.

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