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14 stylish outfits for modern men

Are we really surprised that cargo pants are? A thing again? You could say they never left well. Rumors of their demise in 2003 had been greatly exaggerated, and for the past decade a few big-bag Carhartts or Dickies have been seen regularly in coffee shops and brewpubs across the …

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The best winter hats for modern men in 2022

The importance of a good winter hat cannot be emphasized enough. It is often said that much of a person’s body heat is lost through the head (a myth by the way), but less talked about is the fact that all their reputation on the street can be lost due …

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A modern men’s guide to dress code for formal wear

So you’ve either received the invitation to the year-end event, or you’ve decided to finally take the plunge and get married… whatever the occasion, time calls for formal attire, meaning either black tie, white tie or morning dress, where the details of each are determined by a unique set of …

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