The 10 most beautiful holiday routes for a road trip Germany

Holiday routes in Germany are perfect for a tour or road trip through Germany. Are you looking for Germany road trip ideas or do you want to discover beautiful car routes in the area, then you will find the most beautiful dream roads and holiday routes in Germany here.

Holiday roads in Germany – dream roads for a road trip through Germany

Itineraries characterized by a special theme are called holiday routes or tourist routes or tourist routes. In Germany there are wine routes, castle roads, fairytale roads, half-timbered roads and many other themed roads. A brown sign with white letters is usually used to mark holiday routes in Germany.

In Germany there are a total of 150 holiday routes and many other beautiful country roads and car routes. The longest German tourist route is the 2,900-kilometer-long Deutsche Onlystrasse. Most holiday routes in Germany are much shorter and on average no longer than 200 kilometers. Tourist routes and holiday routes are therefore perfect for a road trip through Germany or a round trip by car.

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The 10 most beautiful holiday routes for a road trip through Germany

These are the ten most beautiful holiday routes in Germany, beautiful car routes in the area and beautiful country roads for your next road trip Germany.

Deutsche Alpenstrae

Germany Holiday Routes

The German Alpine Road is a 450-kilometer holiday route in Germany through the scenic Bavarian Alps. The road starts in Lindau on Lake Constance and leads past many beautiful sights in Bavaria to Berchtesgaden. As one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Germany with varied landscapes, this dream route is perfect for a road trip in Germany. With lush alpine meadows, steep mountain slopes, green forests, clear lakes and a fantastic Alpine panorama, the Alpine Road is one of the best known and best road trips in Germany.

Rhenish legends trail

Road Trip Ideas Germany

The Rheinische Sagenweg is one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Germany, connecting 48 towns and more than 100 places of interest along the banks of the Rhine. The route runs from Düsseldorf to Wiesbaden over a distance of 585 kilometers and is one of the most beautiful routes for a road trip in Germany. Along the popular tourist route there are many beautiful sights such as fairytale castles, romantic vineyards and old towns with impressive half-timbered houses. The holiday route leads over the Rhine, Moselle and Lahn and offers many opportunities to discover the romantic Rhine valley. Incidentally, many of the sights can also be reached by boat.

Castle Road

Germany Scenic Roads Roadtrip through Germany

The Castle Route runs from the Bavarian Forest for more than 500 kilometers to Thuringia and is one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Germany. The tourist route starts in Passau and winds through quiet valleys and nature parks past castles, palaces and unique places to Bad Frankenhausen. Along the way, there are many traditional inns, rustic taprooms and countless castles and palaces, which make Burgenstrasse a unique road trip through Germany. Whether you are planning a road trip through Germany by car or want to discover some of Germany’s most beautiful castles – the Castle Road will certainly not disappoint!

German Aleenstrae

Germany road trip holiday routes

The Deutsche Onlystrasse is known for its many beautiful avenues, which seem to run endlessly through the landscape with their large deciduous trees. The avenue street stretches from the Baltic Sea to Lake Constance and mainly runs along avenues. Along the way, the popular tourist route crosses ten federal states and countless avenues and beautiful car routes in Germany. The purpose of Onlystrasse is to preserve and protect the many beautiful avenues as a unique natural and cultural asset. With a distance of approximately 2,900 kilometers, the Ookstrasse is the longest holiday route in Germany and a unique road trip through Germany.

romantic street

Road trip in Germany

The Romantic Road is one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Germany and offers an invaluable wealth of culture over a distance of 460 kilometers from Würzburg to Füssen. From the impressive residence of Würzburg to the quiet old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the picturesque Neuschwanstein Castle, the Romantic Road leads past some of Germany’s most beautiful sights. As an alternative to the holiday route, there are also hiking and cycling trails to explore the beautiful river valleys, forests and meadows on foot or by bike. With the Romantic Road Coach, Germany’s oldest long-distance bus line has also been running on the Romantic Road for more than 70 years.

Germany road trip sights

There are many beautiful places and sights in Germany that are perfect to discover during a road trip through Germany. If you’re still looking for great road trip ideas:

German Wine Route

Germany Holiday Routes

The German Wine Route is the oldest wine tourism route in Germany and is perfect for a road trip through Germany. The holiday route starts in Bockenheim in Rhineland-Palatinate and leads through the wine-growing region of the Palatinate with picturesque vineyards and unique landscapes in the Palatinate Forest. After 85 kilometers the wine route ends in Schweigen-Rechtenbach near the French border. The holiday route is ideal for exploring by car, but there are also separate cycling and walking routes on the German Wine Route, which lead through some of the most beautiful areas in Germany.

German Volcano Road

The perfect road trip through Germany

The approximately 280 kilometer long Vulkanstrasse tourist route from the Rhine to the Hohe Eifel connects a total of 39 sites and attractions related to volcanism in Germany. Between the Geoparks Laacher See and Vulkaneifel, the Vulkanstrasse takes visitors to unique volcanic landscapes with caves, mountains, geysers and crater lakes. Today there are no more lava flows through the Eifel and no active volcanoes, but the low mountain range is one of the best road trips in Germany to experience volcanism up close.

German fairytale route

Dream Streets in Germany's Fairytale Street

The more than 600 km long fairytale route runs from Hanau to Bremen and offers many sights that are known from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm to the Bremen town musicians. Well-known sights are, for example, the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg, the Little Red Riding Hood House, the Geo-Nature Park Frau-Holle-Land and the Snow White Museum. Away from fairy tales, the German Fairytale Route leads through varied landscapes with eight nature parks and countless medieval towns.

German half-timbered street

Road trip through Germany

The half-timbered street is the perfect place for a road trip through Germany through historic and romantic cities. The holiday route runs over seven routes with a total length of more than 3,500 kilometers from the Elbe to Lake Constance. On the beautiful holiday route are more than 100 picturesque half-timbered towns, which take visitors on a journey back in time. With countless unique half-timbered houses, monuments, spas and other historic buildings, the half-timbered street offers a worldwide unique inventory of half-timbered houses and is one of the most beautiful historical road trips through Germany.

Black Forest High Road

Germany scenic routes

The 60-kilometer Black Forest High Road leads from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt and crosses some of the most beautiful areas of the Black Forest. The popular tourist trail leads through picturesque forests with lakes and waterfalls before climbing steeply and windingly to reach the highest point on the Bühlerhöhe. Along the entire route there are many beautiful sights in nature and fantastic views over the Rhine valley to the Vosges. The Schwarzwaldhochstrae is also a special experience in winter and offers direct access to one of the best ski areas in Germany.

Plan a road trip through Germany

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The most beautiful scenic roads and car routes for a road trip through Germany

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