The Aligne x Brittany Bathgate Edit is here and it’s as stylish as you’d hoped

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  • Just when you thought September couldn’t get any more stylish, sustainable, contemporary label ALIGNE has joined forces with stylish content creator Brittany Bathgate to create a heroic AW21 collection – just in time for London Fashion Week.

    The 15 part edit reflects Brittany’s signature minimalist style, as well as ALIGNE’s sustainable ethos to provide consumers with timeless pieces to buy for seasons to come.

    These include casual silhouettes like denim jackets and wide leg jeans, classic tailoring and more dressy items like a gingham skirt and matching crop top. They come in a sophisticated color palette of cream, olive and indigo, in sizes 6-16.

    Here Brittany tells us about the collection, her signature style and how we can be more sustainable.

    What trends are you most looking forward to this fall/winter?

    To be honest, AW has barely crossed my mind; I’m still clinging to the hope that summer can arrive! My wardrobe is full of dresses that haven’t seen the light of day this year, haha! My wardrobe is not generally a trend leader, so from season to season I usually look to style techniques or color palettes to make my wardrobe feel different. I have a real blue moment that I think will last in my AW wardrobe in the form of indigo denim and bright blue knits.

    What were your standout pieces from your edit and why?

    The two piece indigo denim is so cool. (Did I mention I love blue right now?!) I’m a neutral through and through, but I loved this head to blue toe look because it felt fresh and classic at the same time. I felt I was channeling an inner David Bowie with those baggy pants!

    How do you put together an outfit – do you plan or see what works in the day?

    Here in the UK my outfits depend primarily on the weather. The first thing I do before I get dressed is check the weather and then think about how it will dictate what I wear versus my plans for the day. I spend a lot of my time in my studio editing photos or videos, so from day to day I’m not a huge outfit planner; I see how I feel on the day. HOWEVER, if I go to London for work or do something that feels ‘special’ it’s a different story. I will do a whole tasting session the night before. The planning starts with one key item I want to wear, and then I build a look around that item, playing with balance, silhouettes and texture.

    What is your minimalist mantra?

    It’s a cliché, but less is more.

    What do you like most about Aligne’s approach to sustainability?

    This question follows nicely from my previous answer. When I first met Dalbir at the Aligne office earlier this year, I remember her telling me she wanted to create a transparent brand, and I appreciated this so much. Sustainability means something different to each individual, but transparency gives each customer the essential information to make their own decision.

    Talk to us about your Aligne operation.

    Typical of my style, the palette is understated and neutral, with a little bit of green and blue. There’s a wintery version of the flowy dress (a staple in my wardrobe) in black denim, a mix of relaxed and formal tailoring and a beautifully oversized masculine tweed coat. I loved that piece, especially when styled with socks and sandals.

    How will you style your Emmeline dress to take you through summer, fall and winter?

    Summer is relatively easy for me; a pair of chunky sandals, a tote bag and I’m good to go. Once fall and winter are around, I tend to tuck a turtleneck under my dresses and swap out my sandals for chunky boots. On those rare mild autumn days, I also love a combination of socks and sandals.

    And finally, what do you look for in your winter coat?

    Jackets are my weakness. Since I spend so much of my time in a jacket, I want the jacket to be the standout piece of my outfit. Every winter it’s 50/50 between a warm quilted liner under a classic trench coat or something oversized and chunky with deep pockets.

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