The Best Men’s Christmas Gifts Brands: 2021 Edition


What do you buy for the man who has everything? Or, if you are the man who has everything, what do you ask others to buy for you?

Well, we have a few ideas. This Christmas, we’ve turned to a selection of our favourite brands to bring you a tightly curated selection of festive gift ideas to satisfy even the most discerning of gents.

Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something here to scratch that Yuletide itch or to paint a grin across the face of whichever lucky man you’re shopping for. From clothing to coffee, watches to whisky, here are the brands to shop this Christmas and the products we love from each.

The Modern Professional: Serran

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a merino scarf, a beautiful casual jacket or a leather weekend bag, Serran puts the same quality and attention to detail into everything it designs. All of the British brand’s products are crafted in Bermondsey, London, at a historic factory – an approach to production that ensures quality and allows the label to operate with zero waste. It’s the sort of stuff that would suit sharp, contemporary dressers who like to look smart without it feeling stuffy.

The Puffer Suit Jacket: We’re big fans of this insulated jacket, which straddles the divide between smart and casual. With its tailored fit and casual styling, it’ll be right at home with anything from a suit to your weekend jeans-and-T-shirt combo.

The Knit-Collar Shirt: A white button-up shirt is an absolute must for every man, but how can you improve on this classic design? For Serran, it was as simple as adding a knitted collar and cuffs – an unconventional move that breathes new life into one of menswear’s most fundamental garments.

The Bundle Box: Struggling to decide? Serran’s bundle box includes a scarf and a cardholder, all neatly presented in a rather slick-looking gift box. But these aren’t just any old scarf and cardholder – both are handmade in the UK using the finest materials and finished with Serran’s trademark attention to detail.

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The Explorer: Millican

The Lake District is arguably the adventure capital of the UK, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the most adventurous luggage label around has its roots there. Millican makes hard-wearing yet stylish canvas bags that are built for exploration but won’t turn their noses up at the daily commute, gym runs or city breaks either. These bags are built to last and they look great too, making them excellent gifts for eco-conscious adventurers who like to get the most out of their kit.

Smith The Roll Pack: Millican’s Smith Roll Pack is one of the brand’s bestsellers and it’s not hard to see why. At 25L, this bag is the perfect size for day hikes and days in the office alike and features a clever roll-top design which means it can be adjusted to take loads of varying sizes. It looks pretty smart too – just the right blend of style and function.

Miles The Duffle Bag: This full-zip duffle bag is great for overnight stays or weekends away. It’s got two handles for easy carrying, as well as shoulder straps for when you need to take it longer distances. The simple, minimalist styling belies a wealth of cool hidden features, like a zip-up laptop compartment and a stash pocket for jewellery or a watch with a soft, brushed-cotton lining.

Nick The Messenger Bag: With a comfortable shoulder strap and plenty of internal pockets, this stylish messenger bag is great for anything from bike commuting to carrying your camera around in the wilderness. It also features a laptop pocket and is made from Millican’s trademark recycled polyester fabric which is durable and only improves with age.

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​The Aesthete: Bolin Webb

We’d seldom describe shaving tools as ‘stylish’, but we’ll make an exception for Bolin Webb. These luxury razors have more in common with a piece of modern art than they do with your average supermarket shaver and would make an excellent gift for the type of guy who likes to keep his bathroom Instagram ready at all times. Oh, and they’re all made in England, which is a nice touch.

R1 Razor And Case: What better way to spice up the bathroom sink than with a flash of Ferrari red courtesy of this beautifully designed R1 razor? It’s so pretty in fact that there’s a slight risk of messing up your neckline when you’re ogling it in the mirror instead of looking where the blade is going, but that’s a small price to pay for owning such a lovely piece of grooming gear.

X1 Razor And Stand: There’s something even more artistic about the R1 when it’s sat atop its smooth, rubberised, pebble-like perch. We’re not sure whether to put it on the bathroom shelf or pop it on a plinth in a whitewashed room in the Tate Modern.

Leather Wash Bag: A wash bag might just be the perfect gift – every man needs one, but few will buy it themselves. This one in particular would make a cracking Christmas gift, with its soft leather finish and streamlined, travel-friendly design.

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The Coffee Addict: Gustatory

Gustatory is more than just a brand, it’s the home of more than 350 independent coffee roasters, tea makers and winemakers. What unites them all is a shared commitment to ensuring production processes are as sustainable and ethical as possible – something which the big supermarket coffee brands are notorious for neglecting.

But with so many options, even the most seasoned of coffee connoisseurs might have a hard time choosing. That’s why Gustatory offers several subscription services which just happen to make excellent Christmas gifts.

Plus 87 Coffee Subscription: If you’re a real coffee lover, you’ll know that the Speciality Coffee Association ranks coffees with their own individual scores, 85 to 100 being classed as outstanding. The Plus 87 package does exactly what it says on the tin, providing the recipient with the absolute best of the best in international coffee from independent roasters with something different to look forward to every month.

Selected Mix Coffee Subscription: Struggling to choose a subscription service? The Selected Mix is designed for you. It takes the best parts of all Gustatory’s other seven subscription packs and brings them together for those who want to sample a little of everything. Past roasters include Kiss The Hippo (UK), Cloud Picker (Ireland), Casino Mocca (Hungary), HEX (USA), Climpson & Sons (UK) and DAK (Netherlands), amongst others.

Mainstay Coffee Subscription: Drink your morning coffee guilt free with this ethically-minded subscription box. All coffees in the Mainstay package are sourced from farmers who are paid twice more than Fairtrade-certified farmers, guaranteeing superior quality, ethical production and good wages for the people who make it.

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The Globetrotter: Carl Friedrik

If it’s stylish leather goods you’re after there are few better places to shop for it than Carl Friedrik. We think the brand’s aesthetic would be best described as ‘modern-classic’: blending traditional materials and construction with contemporary shapes and design elements. Gift options range from stylish long-haul luggage to leather passport holders, perfect for frequent flyers and those who love to travel.

Palissy Leather Holdall: The Palissy bag is one of Carl Friedrik’s bestselling items. It’s a luxurious leather holdall with a nice bit of structure to it in order to keep your belongings nice and safe. It’s just the right size for a weekend away and is customisable to, making it an excellent personalised gift.

Weston Leather Passport Holder: After more than a year, many of the world’s borders have started to open back up. That means its time to start about getting that passport dusted off, and perhaps slipping it into one of these rather special leather passport holders for your next international jaunt.

Hatton Slim Card Holder: If in doubt, get them a card holder. This is a pretty solid Christmas mantra to live by… as long as you haven’t bought them one before. This one from Carl Friedrik is a great option. It’s made from Italian Vachetta leather and has a nice slim profile to allow it to slip into a back pocket with ease.

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The Wardrobe Upgrade: Luca Faloni

Knitwear is the backbone of the style-savvy man’s winter wardrobe, so why not give this festive cornerstone the upgrade it deserves and join the cashmere club this Christmas? Luca Faloni is one of our favourite labels when it comes to this luxurious fabric, offering astounding quality and typically Italian attention to detail across the board.

Cashmere Polo Sweater: This cashmere polo sweater is perfect for layering up and features a cut slim enough to allow it to slot snugly beneath a tailored jacket. It’s available in lots of versatile colours too, ranging from deep navy blue to neutral camel.

Chunky-Knit Cashmere Beanie: You’ll often hear men claim that hats don’t suit them, but those men simply haven’t been wearing the right hats. What are the right hats? Well, this chunky knit beanie is definitely on the right lines. It comes available in grey, navy and black.

Beige Cashmere Scarf: A beige scarf is a timeless winter favourite that goes with everything and will always have your back… or should that be neck? Either way, it’s hard to imagine how it could get any better, but Luca Faloni has managed it with this silky soft cashmere version.

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The Finer Details: Vaultskin

Valutskin’s leather accessories range from smartphone cases to wallets, and are engineered with RFID technology to protect against card skimming – an increasing problem in urban areas. If you’re on the hunt for a gift idea that is both stylish and practical, look no further.

Manhattan Card Wallet: Simple, streamlined and featuring state-of-the-art RFID-blocking tech, this handsome little wallet from Vaultcard is perfect for any man who likes to keep his hard-earned cash safe in style, without spoiling the line of his trousers. The brand might be London based, but this wallet is specially designed to accommodate US bank notes perfectly.

Notting Hill Zipper Wallet: With a zip-up design, a clever release strap for easy access to your most-used cards and RFID-blocking technology to keep your information safe, this beautifully-made wallet is perfect for keeping that Christmas money safe in style.

Vaultcard: A very clever piece of kit indeed. The Vaultcard slips into your wallet and keeps your cards fully protected from RFID theft by jamming incoming electromagnetic signals when it senses them. It’s the same size as a regular bank card and requires no battery, meaning you can just pop it in your wallet or card holder and forget about it, safe in the knowledge that your money is well protected.

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The Minimalist: L’Estrange

London’s L’Estrange is a label committed to decluttering wardrobes and reinventing menswear’s basic garments. The goal is to enable men to do more with less, from a sartorial standpoint, thus reducing waste and putting a stop to needless consumption. The brand provides everything needed to create a multipurpose capsule wardrobe, and the clothes look top notch too.

The 24 Trouser: The 24 Trouser is so-called because it’s the only legwear a man needs, all day, every day. It’s designed with comfort in mind, featuring an elasticated waist with a concealed drawstring for adjustment, but it looks more chino/dress pant than jogger.

The Tailored T-Shirt: The eternal hunt for the perfect plain T-shirt ends here. Cut from 175gsm cotton and featuring a back pleat for freedom of movement, this unique tee from L’Estrange puts an end to sloppy fits and poor quality.

The Hood: The hood is where it all began for L’Estrange. This tailored take on the classic zip-through hoodie blends smart and casual seamlessly, redefining athleisure and bridging the gap between sportswear and tailoring. It’s not often we’d suggest pairing a tailored trouser with a hooded sweatshirt, but in this case, go right ahead.

Shop more gifts at L’Estrange now

The Whisky Connoisseur: The Whisky Exchange

Who doesn’t like receiving a proper bottle of whisky for Christmas? And where better to buy it from than the world’s number-one online retailer of the good stuff. Since 1999, The Whisky Exchange has been sourcing the best whisky from across the globe and offering it in one place. All you have to do is pick which one you want – which admittedly is easier said than done with all that choice.

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old: It’s safe to assume that a company that has specialised in whisky for over 20 years will know a thing or two about what makes a good one. With that in mind, why not try this Port Charlotte scotch? It’s the site’s ‘Whisky Of The Year 2021’ after all.

Lagavulin 16 Year Oold: Described as the “most pungent of all the Islay malts”, this 16-year-old scotch is certainly not for the faint of heart. Jack-and-Coke drinkers need not apply – this one’s for the connoisseurs.

Glenmorangie 10 Year Old Original: It’s famous for a reason. The original Glenmorangie has had a bit of a packaging overhaul, but rest assured, it’s still the same good old (10 years to be precise) single-malt scotch that resides within.

Shop more gifts at The Whisky Exchange now

The Bearded Gent: The Art Of Shaving

There’s a common misconception that having facial hair is the easy option. Maintaining a clean-shaven look takes daily maintenance, right? And all a beard takes is a few weeks of sitting around twiddling your thumbs and waiting for nature to bless you with a lovely, shapely crop of hair on your chin. Wrong. A good beard takes hard work to perfect, which is why some equipment from The Art Of Shaving is such an excellent gift for any bearded, moustachioed or bestubbled man out there.

Beard Maintenance Kit: Featuring a beard wash, a beard conditioner, a beard oil and a travel bag, this covers-all-bases foliage maintenance kit contains everything a man needs to keep those precious whiskers in check, whether at home or on the move.

Panasonic Beard Trimmer: Like the idea of strolling out of the house in the morning looking like you’re fresh out of the barber’s chair? It’s as easy as having a good beard trimmer and this just happens to be one of the best.

Stubble Balm: Full beards get all the attention, but stubble needs love too. This fragrant balm is specially formulated for the shortest of beards to keep them soft, healthy and smelling great.

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The Horologist: CODE41

There are few things most men would prefer to receive for Christmas than a luxury timepiece, but outrageous prices put them outside the realms of affordability for all but the most obscene of budgets.

That’s where CODE41 comes in. Granted, this Swiss brand’s image might not be in keeping with the rest of the luxury watch industry, but then pretty much everything CODE41 does goes against the grain… which isn’t a bad thing. These are proper watches, but without the mark-ups, and marketed transparently, so that you can actually see where your money is going.

NB24: This stunning chronograph is on its second edition after a huge success last year. Pre-orders are now open but if you want to bag one as a Christmas gift you’ll have to act swiftly as there are only 400 units available, and they’re going fast.

Anomaly 01: Crafted from forged carbon with a titanium skeleton, this otherworldly timepiece features a Miyota 82S7 automatic movement, incredible attention to detail and looks that set it apart from anything else on the market right now.

Anomaly 02: With classy, understated looks and a high-quality Swiss movement, the Anomaly 02 is a great option for anyone seeking something that can double as a dress watch and a day-to-day run-around. Best of all, it comes in at well under a grand.

Shop more gifts at CODE41 now

The Fragrance Aficionado: Acqua di Parma

Ask any fragrance aficionado to name their top brands and chances are Acqua di Parma will rank highly. The Italian label is known for its luxury colognes, candles and various lotions and potions, all united by the fact that they smell fantastic. Below are a few things we’d love to receive from Acqua di Parma and we’re sure anyone else with a functioning nose would too.

Colonia Gift Set: Cut through the dullness of winter with this zesty Colonia gift set. It’s based around one of Acqua di Parma’s hero fragrances, which in fact was the first the brand released, all the way back in 1916. It includes the original Colonia eau de cologne, a bath-and-shower gel and a deodorant spray.

Note di Stelle Candle: Every man secretly wants his house to smell great all the time, particularly over Christmas. And what better way to achieve just that than with this eye-catching candle, featuring artwork in the iconic style of Emilio Pucci.

Arancia di Parma Diffuser: There’s more than one way to get a good smell circulating around your home. This Acqua di Parma diffuser fills the air with a beautiful citrus aroma, with base notes of caramel and musk.

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The Audiophile: Bang & Olufsen

High-end Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen is known for delivering impeccable sound via some truly stunning speaker designs. Seriously, these speakers are works of art – they look every bit as good as they sound, which really is saying something. Anyone who appreciates a good piece of music as much as a good piece of design will be more than happy to have a Bang & Olufsen speaker in their home.

BeoSound 2 Speaker: Kettle meets Dalek in this stunning speaker design from Bang & Olufsen. Providing crystal-clear, 360-degree sound, this thing can fill a room without breaking a sweat and will look the part while doing it.

BeoPlay E8 Motion Wireless Earphones: AirPods who? No, from the true wireless earphone experience you need to bypass the the rest and go directly to Bang & Olufsen for the best. Not only to these things look better than the competition, they also deliver incredible sound clarity and bass response, with intuitive controls and a streamlined charging case.

BeoPlay Portal Wireless Headphones: These over-the-ear headphones were designed alongside Xbox to ensure the best possible performance for gaming. There’s even a ‘virtual boom arm’ function that amplifies the wearer’s voice while filtering out ambient noise for the most immersive gaming experience possible.

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The Technophobe: Montblanc

These days, when we think Christmas gifts, we think tech. But there was a time before computers when high-quality stationary ruled supreme. A proper pen is still a fantastic present in our eyes, and always will be. It’s something he’ll likely have forever and who better to provide it than Montblanc – the most respected name in the luxury stationary game.

Platinum-Plated Rollerball Pen: With a rollerball tip and glossy black finish, this German-made pen comes in a rather attractive presentation box and is finished off with Montblanc’s signature star emblem to the tip.

Notebook: Laptops and iPads are all well and good, but sometimes what you really need is a notebook when it comes to getting your thoughts jotted down as quickly as possible. This one from Montblanc is lined and features a subtle black textured cover.

Calfskin Desk Set: Made from calfskin leather with a grey suede lining, this luxurious, multifunctional desk-tidy system is the perfect finishing touch to any office – home or otherwise.

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