The most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Germany

Because traveling abroad was difficult or impossible for a long time due to the corona pandemic, Germans have rediscovered walking. A good match, as there are plenty of excellent hiking trails in Germany. Some of them even stretch for three-digit miles. We will briefly introduce you to the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Germany.

1. Eifelsteig

Drover Heide in the Eifel

The Eifel is perfect for hiking close to nature. Over a total of 313 kilometers, this nationally renowned long-distance hiking trail runs in stages between 14 and 29 kilometers from Aachen to Trier, which actually crosses the entire Eifel. In addition, each stage covers an altitude of between 300 and a maximum of 769 meters. Yet it is also suitable for a quiet walk. In its current form, only opened in 2009, the Eifelsteig has the best infrastructure for its users. These are led through the Vulkaneifel, the Rurtal or the Eifel National Park and experience a very varied nature. There are also a number of access roads and side routes to the Eifelsteig, which make walking off the main route worthwhile.

2. Moselsteig

Moselle loop near Bremm

The Moselsteig was only opened in its current form in 2014. This long-distance hiking trail allows you to walk on historic trails and even stretches for 365 kilometers. It starts in Perl on the Upper Moselle and the last stop is Koblenz. On the route, which is intensively maintained by Mosellandtouristik, you will pass the Porta Nigra, the Mont Royal fortress or the castle Eltz, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. Usually, however, you walk through the forests that border the Moselle. The 24 stages vary greatly in difficulty, but there are also routes that are suitable for beginners. Four additional circular walks with a length of up to 20 kilometers offer the opportunity to hike the area even more intensively, deviating from the main route. It’s always important to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition, as you do for example introduces the moose blog.

3. Schluchtensteig

Bildsteinweg at Schluchsee

This long-distance hiking trail leads through the southern Black Forest. The distance is 119 kilometers. More than half of the route consists of natural trails, but only about 16 percent is paved. This makes hiking on the Schluchtensteig particularly fun because it is particularly close to nature. However, for the same reason, it is recommended not to use it in winter and especially when it snows. The six stages from Stühlingen to Wehr are considered intermediate to difficult and are not suitable for walkers who are not very fit. However, if you have the necessary physical condition, you will be rewarded with particularly natural hiking experiences on the Schluchtensteig. The most famous sights along the route are the Schluchsee, the St. Blasien cathedral and the raised moors near Ibach.

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4. Eselsweg

The donkey trail ends in historic Miltenberg

The “Eselsweg” is said to have existed for 2000 years, once founded as a trade route by the Romans. It can be found in the Spessart, where it is 111 kilometers of Germany’s largest contiguous forest area that can be experienced and hiked. It starts in Schlüchtern in Hesse and leads to Miltenberg in Bavaria. You walk practically everywhere through extensive beech and oak forests, so that the best relaxation is inevitable. Numerous waypoints also offer interesting variety, tell about historical events or are instructive. For example, the Eselsweg offers a walk through space and time before the long-distance hiking trail ends in Miltenberg. From here you can easily take the train back or visit a few unknown sights in Bavaria.

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