The Queen reacted best to a guest who tripped over one of her Corgis

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  • As if we needed a reason to judge the frost more…

    The Queen is often associated with her love of Pembroke Welsh corgis, who reportedly owned over 30 dogs of that breed during her reign.

    And from “Foxy” and “Bushy” to “Candy” and “Bisto Oxo,” the royal dogs have boasted some seriously minty pet names.

    The Queen’s last corgi sadly passed away last year, but the lovable pets recently resurfaced when an anecdote surfaced about a guest who tripped over one of the dogs.

    In Angela Kelly’s book, The other side of the coin: the queen, the dresser and the wardrobe, the dresser explains how she and jeweler Harry Collins visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace to deliver a brooch he had made for the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday.

    Unfortunately for Harry, the most memorable part of the visit was when he fell back over one of the Queen’s corgis.

    “After reading somewhere that one should not turn one’s back on the queen whenever possible, he backed away,” Angela explains in her book. “Unfortunately, Mr. Collins failed to notice that Linnet, one of Her Majesty’s corgis, was lying on the floor behind him. He tripped over Linnet and ended up next to the dog, who lay on the carpet with spread eagles.’

    The anecdote continues: ‘Harry, terrified that he had hurt one of the Queen’s dogs, furiously rubbed Linnet’s chest, apologizing profusely, but Her Majesty reassured Mr Collins and told him not to worry: it wasn’t his fault, because the corgis had a terrible habit of lying in the most inconvenient places.’

    Well, that’s quite a relief.

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