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Chiemsee Attractions

The Chiemsee, also called the “Bavarian Sea”, is the largest lake in Bavaria and is picturesquely situated at the foot of the Alps. In addition to the dreamy nature But there is also a lot to discover culturally. A holiday at the Chiemsee is extremely diverse and offers it for everyone correct leisure program – also for children. From beautiful castles to breathtaking mountains to exciting caves, everything is included.

Here you can read which top 10 sights on the Chiemsee you should not miss!

The top 10 sights of the Chiemsee at a glance

  1. Bad Aibling Thermal Baths
  2. Fraueninsel
  3. Kloster Seeon
  4. Schloss Herrenchiemsee
  5. Hochfelln
  6. Amerang Palace
  7. Winklmoosalm
  8. Hohenaschau Castle
  9. Wendelstein Cave
  10. Chiemsee shipping

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1st place: Therme Bad Aibling

The first place among the top attractions on the Chiemsee goes to the thermal baths of Bad Aibling. This is possible here on 10,000 m² and a water surface of over 600 m² Travel through different worlds. The Therme am Chiemsee is characterized by a constant change of experiences and is home to several gardens, swimming pools, saunas and silent islands under the imposing domes of the area.

Time out at the Chiemsee

The Bad Aibling thermal baths are considered a traditional mud bath and impress with an impressive sauna landscape, among other things a total of seven saunas as well as a relaxation area, hammam, princely bath and outdoor pool. Here you will experience relaxation and recreation at the highest level!

opening hours the thermal baths of Bad Aibling:
Mon to Thurs and Sun: 10am to 10pm
Fri & Sat: 10am-11pm

2nd place: Fraueninsel

With an area of ​​only 15 hectares, the Fraueninsel is small and manageable, yet the second largest of the three islands in the Chiemsee after the Herreninsel. On the car-free island there are 50 houses with about 300 inhabitants – one idyllic and romantic gem So. Countless poets and painters have already been inspired by the blooming splendor on the island and inspired for their works.

The Frauenwörth Monastery

The highlight on the Fraueninsel and a popular destination on the Chiemsee is that 1200 years old Frauenwörth Monastery. It occupies about a third of the island’s total area and is now a venue for adult education and music events. Although the monastery itself cannot be visited, the monastery church, the gate hall, the chapel and the cemetery can be visited.

The Fraueninsel – also called Frauenchiemsee – is best served by Gstadt and Prien reach by ship, but you can also get there from other locations around the Chiemsee.

3rd place: Seeon Abbey

Seeon Abbey was founded in 994 by Benedictines and converted into a castle in 1803. Today it is called Cultural and Educational Center of the district of Upper Bavaria. Seeon Abbey is located on an island in the Klostersee near the Chiemsee and combines Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements.

Culture in the Seeon Monastery

Numerous events take place in the Seeon Monastery, such as classical, jazz and world music concerts, as well as church concerts. Moreover, the monastery is also a popular place for exhibitions Art and Literary Events. In the spirit of the hospitality of the Benedictine tradition, you can also enjoy culinary delights in the monastery restaurant.

4th place: Herrenchiemsee Palace

The Herrenchiemsee Castle is located on the island of the same name in Lake Chiemsee and represents the last en most magnificent building of fairytale king Ludwig II. His model for construction was the Palace of Versailles, which would be surpassed by the Herrenchiemsee Palace. However, King Ludwig II was only able to spend a few days here before he died in June 1886 and construction work was halted. Although the castle is not yet completely finished, it is a perfect display of splendor. at a Castle tour you can admire 20 beautiful rooms.

The island of Herrenchiemsee

With an area of ​​238 hectares, Herrenchiemsee is the largest of the three Chiemsee Islands. Next to the castle you can see the royal gardens view the water features or take long walks. The island is car-free – commuting instead Horse and carriage between the jetty and the castle.

Platz 5: Hochfelln

The Hochfelln is a mountain in the Chiemgau Alps with a height of 1,674 meters. The summit can be climbed on foot, but can also be reached with the Hochfelln cable car. From here you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view – the Hochfelln is rightfully becoming a . called View terrace of the Chiemgau assigned.

Aim high – on the Hochfelln

The summit cross, inaugurated in 1886, stands on top of the Hochfelln. Today is a impressive monument and gives a beautiful image depending on the incidence of light. Right next door is the Hochfellnhaus, the highest gastronomic establishment in the Chiemgau. From the terrace you can enjoy the beautiful view of the foothills of the Bavarian Alps and the entire Alpine chain.

Rank 6: Amerang Castle

Amerang Castle emerged from a 11th century castlewhich was converted into a castle five centuries later. It stands on a steep rock cone and significantly shapes the silhouette of the village of Amerang.

The style of a medieval castle is still recognizable – even from the outside the castle has retained its defensive character. Amerang Castle has almost completed one round map and there is no right angle, neither in the interior nor in the arcade courtyard.

Pure diversity at Amerang Castle

Visitors to the castle can participate in guided tours – or even rent halls for parties and events. Today mainly takes place in Amerang Castle cultural performances and events instead of. At the same time, the castle is a hotel and there is also a horse stud here.

Rank 7: Winklmoosalm

The Winklmoosalm alpine pasture area is a high plateau at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the triangle of Bavaria, Salzburg and South Tyrol. Is it worth taking a trip here from Chiemsee if you are traveling? extended walks or want to hit the slopes in winter – after all, the Winklmoosalm is both a popular hiking area and an important ski center.

Pure nature on the Winklmoosalm

In addition to walks and leisurely walks through the beautiful nature, the Winklmoosalm also invites you to explore the area by bicycle or go on adventurous mountain bike tours. Also a detour to Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption offers itself. Then you can stop at the mountain huts and inns and relax with delicious delicacies.

In winter, the Winklmoosalm turns into a real Winter sports Eldorado for young and old. You can then look forward to alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and winter walks through the snowy landscape.

8th place: Hohenaschau . Castle

Hohenaschau Castle is located on a 50 m high rocky ridge above the town of the same name and is one of the most most powerful castles on the edge of the Alps. Built in the 12th century, the castle served important noble families as the center of the administrative seat of their rule. Over the years it has been rebuilt several times and shows the Renaissance and Baroque style.

Culture at Hohenaschau . Castle

Today Hohenaschau Castle is owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and is used as a holiday and recreation home. Find here regularly Concerts and Theater Tours instead of. The castle itself can only be visited as part of a guided tour.

Rank 9: Wendelstein Cave

The Wendelstein Cave is located at 1,711 meters The highest show cave in Germany. It is located on the Wendelstein mountain in the Rosenheim district and extends over a total length of 523 meters. The cave was discovered in 1864 and has been open to visitors since 1921. It is part of an entire cave system and is considered by experts because of its height as geological rarity.

Interactive learning location Wendelsteingrot

Four interactive stations await visitors in the mountain. Worth knowing and surprising facts on the topics of geology, biology, philosophy and psychology are presented here in multimedia form. Depending on the weather, the Wendelstein Cave is open to visitors every day from May to November.

When visiting Wendelstein Cave, keep in mind that the inside here is average all year round Temperatures around 3 degrees Celsius reign.

Rank 10: Chiemsee Shipping

Instead, ranked 10th among the top sights on Lake Chiemsee, there is an activity not to be missed – a boat trip. From foothills around the lake you can take a boat trip on the Chiemsee to see the lake, its unique nature and many sights from a different perspective experience.

With the ship to the Chiemsee islands

Chiemsee boat trips to the islands are particularly popular Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee. Here you can admire the beautiful Herrenchiemsee Castle and the Frauenwörth Monastery and at the same time explore the beautiful nature of the islands on a hike.

The top 10 sights of the Chiemsee in a nutshell

The Chiemsee and its excursion destinations are suitable for holidaymakers – also with Children – much done. Take your chance and visit numerous places, attractions and sights around the lake and enjoy yourself here.

During a holiday at the Chiemsee you will quickly notice that it is you say a spell about you shall. Let yourself be carried away and discover the top attractions of the Chiemsee in peace.

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The Chiemsee: the most important facts and figures at a glance

  • Measure: 79.9 km²
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time zone: Central European Time (UTC +1:00)
  • Average temperature in summer: 17.5°C
  • Average temperature in winter: -0.5°C

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