Top 4 light festivals that will bring light into your Christmas season

Especially in the cold and dark seasons, people have always tried to use light to make their environment a bit brighter and more comfortable. In the past, this was done with candlelight and nowadays large ones take place every year in some cities light festival instead of. But what exactly is a light festival? One thing is certain: light enchants every dark day before Christmas. at a festival of lights in Germany, France or the Netherlands you see figures made of LED lighting, animations on house walls, illuminated canals, light games and music. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Find the perfect one here light festival for this year! Are you planning for next year? festival of lights attend? Don’t worry, there’s something for you too!

festival of lights

1. Explore the magical canals at Amsterdam Light Festival
2. Experience the cheese city of Gouda by candlelight
3. Be inspired by the “Fête des Lumières” light festival in Lyon
4. Look at the lights at the Glow in Eindhoven
Tip for 2022: Festival of Lights in Berlin

festival of lights

Amsterdam Light FestivalDo you like romantic? Then you’re with Amsterdam Light Festival precisely! Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a small boat with your loved one, bobbing through the canals of Amsterdam. Dozens of illuminated boats come your way and numerous unique light installations await you along each canal. In addition, there are a few choirs at the enchantingly lit canal houses, which round off the atmosphere perfectly with their Christmas carols. Is that too cheesy for you? Then run the 6 km past the light installations of the with friends Amsterdam Light Festival away. Grab a thermos with mulled wine or tea and enjoy the beautiful installations.

This year is the 10th edition of the Amsterdam festival of lights and with it the highlights of the last 9 Amsterdam Light Festival shown. Under the motto “Celebrate Light” you can see the 20 light installations from the water or from the land.

When will that take place? Amsterdam Light Festival instead of? December 2, 2021 – January 23, 2022

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2. Experience the cheese city of Gouda by candlelight

Gouda by candlelightWhat do you think of Gouda? Of course, cheese! Especially for those who are not from the area, the city of Gouda is the epitome of Gouda cheese. At Christmas, Gouda has a completely different face: Gouda is also the candle city of Holland and you can have an exciting one here light festival experience. Every year in mid-December, “Gouda by Candlelight” offers you a work of art made of light. With this light festival free concerts take place in the St. Janskerk and the Gouwekerk, light exhibitions illuminate the city in many places and there is also a children’s program. Typical Dutch care festival of lightst in Gouda beautiful canals, historic churches and beautiful facades for a breathtaking backdrop.

Tip: Did you like that? ANAmsterdam Light Festival promised? Gouda is only an hour away! So in December you can both go on a short trip to the Netherlands light festival watch!

When does Gouda shine by candlelight? Dec 10, 2021

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3. Be inspired by the “Fête des Lumières” light festival in Lyon

Festival of Lights in LyonMany years ago, the inhabitants of Lyon decorated their windowsills with candles and their balconies with lamps. The whole city then shone in honor of the Virgin Mary. This tradition grew into a gigantic light festival across the city. Today is that light festival in Lyon has become one of the world’s leading events for creative light shows. Artists from all over the world come to show here festival of lights 4 nights of their skills. Performances and light shows create unique designs that attract millions of visitors and hopefully you too light festival lure to Lyons.

When can you do that light festival in Lyon? Dec 8 to Dec 11, 2021

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4. Look at the lights at the Glow in Eindhoven

Glow in EindhovenBack to the Netherlands: there is also one in Eindhoven every year light festival full of technology. The beautiful installations of the approximately 35 artists from home and abroad are spread here light festival through the city center of Eindhoven and thus honor the name Glow. Whether facades or public spaces, everything shines in a new light. Which festival of lights GLOW also changes its motto every year, so that visitors can always experience something new. In this year light festival everything revolves around the subject”Moved by light”. Don’t miss it!

When does Eindhoven shine? Nov 6 to Nov 13, 2021

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Tip for 2022: Festival of Lights in Berlin

Berlin Festival of LightAlso in the capital of Germany there is a popular one in September or October every year festival of lights instead of. All light attractions on Berlin Festival of Lights tell stories, look at something from the past or form temporary landmarks. Berlin’s eventful past becomes Berlin Festival of Lights often themed and the artists this light festival tell them what moves them most. The well-known sights, historical places, streets, squares, trendy districts and hotspots from recent Berlin history are staged with light. Let yourself be carried away by breathtaking shows, guided tours through the light and above all by the special atmosphere of the cosmopolitan city of Berlin.

when does das Berlin Festival of Lights statt? The appointment for that Berlin Festival of Lights 2022 is expected to be announced in early 2022.

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