Traveling to England – 5 things you need to know

England is always worth a trip, in all seasons and even just for a weekend. The country on the Channel fascinates with exciting cities, beautiful natural landscapes and historical monuments. Private travelers can choose the right travel destination from a large number of destinations to experience an unforgettable holiday. Due to its economic strength and numerous international companies, England is also a major destination for business people attending business meetings locally. With the tips below, every trip to England is guaranteed to be a success.

1. Organization of a suitable trip

There are several ways to travel to England. If you want to be mobile yourself, you can get to a port city in the south with your own car and a ferry. It is also possible to arrive with the Eurostar via the Eurotunnel, the high-speed train connects the English capital London with Brussels, Lille and Paris. The easiest and fastest way to get here is by plane, as England is approached from all German airports. This is a short trip so that not much valuable travel time is lost. Here you will find major UK airports.

2. Plan a private or business trip to England

Anyone who travels privately wants a relaxed and stress-free holiday. In comparison, for business travelers, all other things take a higher priority when planning a trip. Traveling from one location to another should be quick and easy, and it’s best done by plane. As the available time in England is full of appointments, the flight should not have long waiting times or possible delays. For this special need, business jets are the best mode of transport in the premium class. As an added bonus, separate meeting rooms are available at the various airports for meetings scheduled at short notice. Shower facilities and access to the VIP lounge, where drinks, fresh coffee, snacks and newspapers are available, are also included.

3. Organize a city trip with many sights

There are plenty of major cities in England that are ideal for an exciting city break. First and foremost is the metropolis of London with its lively flair, which can look back on a long history. London attractions have something for everyone. In the cosmopolitan city you can visit famous buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The cities of Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester are also worth a peek into English life.

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4. Experience English history and nature up close

Outside the big cities you can enjoy absolute peace in nature in England. The country is crossed by impressive natural parks and unique coastal landscapes. The white chalk cliffs of Dover greet the visitor on the south coast. Inland, on the other hand, there are dense forests and breathtaking lakescapes, such as in the Lake District National Park. The many castles, mansions and palaces, many of which are open to the public, offer a deeper insight into the country’s past.

The white chalk cliffs of Dover

5. Important information for trip planning

If you want to rent a car, keep in mind that traffic in England drives on the left side of the road. There are also other outlets that require an adapter. In addition, the pound is an official means of payment, so a bill of exchange or a travel credit card is recommended. Debit and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Since England has meanwhile left the European Union, health insurance liability must be clarified before arrival.

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